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Heed This Warning!

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
This is a poem inspired by the story i was brought up with and amused me as a little girl, and i have placed it in written form. It is a tale in true Terry Pratchet style, and one i think is unique to my family, and will undoubtedly get told to my own children one day.

It creeps at night amongst the dark,Slipping and gliding where shadows lark.
Across the landing and down the stair
Spreading chaos serenely before sunlight’s glare.

You’ll never find it, no matter where you look,
With torchlight shone into every crook.
Nothing is sacred in the lands of this beast,
For anyone succumbs to its nightly feast.

Bristling and bustling with greedy intent,
With its hooverish mouth and putrid scent.
It gurgles with joy as it slips in your room,
Don’t bother to hide, you’re already doomed.

It doesn’t care what shape, or size, or colour,
As long as it’s tasty, and makes its belly fuller.
The trails of fluff on the landing is the only mark
It has been in your home in the hours of dark.

It will stop at nothing to retrieve its desire
Raiding your drawers and the washing dryer.
Stock up your cupboards and keep a healthy stash,
Be careful and wary and do nothing too rash.

For the sock monster is undefeatable and haunts every home,
From New York to London and even Rome!
You will never be contented with a full fluffy pair,
For one half will be stolen and reside in its tummy lair.

Thanks for reading :)

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