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Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids In 2017.

By Mwangi Alex

One of the simplest ways adults can enjoy family fun with the kids is by having heavy duty swing sets for adults and kids. While most people would think that playing is just for kids, science shows that adults who play and have fun with their spouses and children are much healthier and happier than those who do not.

Heavy duty swings for adults are built to withstand the weight and size of adults so they will not break down easily. Their benefits to the adults using them as well as the entire family far outweigh going to the gym or fitness center and it is much cheaper and convenient.

Reviews For The Top Rated Swing Sets For Adults In Market.

Heavy Duty Swing Seat - Swing Set Accessories Swing Seat Replacement.

This Heavy Duty Metal Swing Seat from Squirrel Products can be used alone or as a part of an existing adult swing set. It is designed with adults in mind as it is crafted with heavy duty material to hold up to 250 pounds and 26.5i inches wide.

Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids In 2017.

The swing features a 66 inches chain covered with plastic for comfort and safety and the wide seat is extremely comfortable. Once you buy this swing, you can attach it to any heavy duty hanger on your backyard and enjoy with your kids while still getting a good workout.

A swing seat is the fundamental part of any heavy duty swing set and this particular swing offers comfort, safety and fun to your entire family at a very affordable cost.

    This swing is not recommended for commercial purposes.

The Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set is a simple but strong swing set comprising of two belt swings and one trapeze bar.

Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids In 2017.

Though this heavy duty metal swing set is meant for children under the age of 12 years, its metallic construction and heavy duty swings make it also suitable for some adults.

This Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing sets for adults feature all-weather low alloy steel that will not fade, chip, crack or warp no matter how long the swing is used. On top of that, all hard edges are covered with round plastic caps while the swing chains have soft rubber grips to enhance comfort on your hands.

This indoor swing set for adults occupies a small area on your backyard and it does not need cement to anchor since it's a free standing piece of equipment. It is very sturdy especially if you tighten all the bolts properly and it's easy to assemble.

    Heavy adults cannot use this set.

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66″ Chain Plastic Coated.

Do you have a swing set that requires a replacement swing seat for adults; this Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat is one of the best swing seats in the market. It is a safe and comfortable seat made of copolymer plastic with grommets and the chain is rubber coated for comfort.

Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids In 2017.

This Jungle Gym swing seat comes fully assembled to the 66 inch zinc plated yellow chain so all you have to do is attach it to the hanger or preexisting set. It is extremely easy to attach to any set and can handle up to 300 pounds.

The Swing Seat will also work well on a strong tree and the seat conforms to most body types so it's very comfortable. At a very affordable cost, you and the kids will have loads of fun in your backyard safely.

    Not recommended for commercial purposes.

Super Duper Spinner, FUN 40" Safe Solid Comfortable Seat.

If you are a family that loves to play together, this Super Duper Spinner will blow you away as it can accommodate multiple riders including adults. The swing seat comes fully assembled with a 10ft. free Super Swing hanging kit for swing set or tree so all you have to do is install.

Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids In 2017.

The heavy duty swing sets for adults features a 40 inch high quality fully adjustable rope and double 6-ton copper safety crimps that can't crack or break so it's very safe. The patented solid seat design is one of a kind and it is tangle free, mildew free and very comfortable to sit on.

This is the ultimate swing seat for the whole family as it can handle up to 650 pounds and everything is included at a very low price.

    Some people find the cost to be a bit high for a single swing seat.

Jungle Gym Kingdom 18″ Steel Trapeze Swing Bar with Rings

Jungle Gym Kingdom 18″ Steel Trapeze Swing Bar will be of significant value to any adult or teenager who wants to build some arm strength and muscles. If you and the kids also enjoy rock climbing or rope ladders, this trapeze will be very fun for you as it can make climbing so much easier.

Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids In 2017.

The 18inch trapeze comes fully assembled so all you need to do is attach it to a tree or any of the other outdoor swing sets for adults to play with. The trapeze features comfortable triangular rings and a very heavy 2/0 chain coated with plastic to protect your hands from bruises.

The heavy duty swing sets for adults and kids is heavy enough to support adults and installing it to the hanger or tree is incredibly easy. It's a sturdy item that your kids will enjoy all day long while still getting some good workout on their arms.

    Be ready to get blisters the first days unless you wear a pair of gloves.

Bucket Swing.

Lifetime Bucket Swings ensure no family member is left out of the family fun day. As the name suggest, the swing seat is a bucket where you safely put your toddler so they can swing and enjoy the fun without any fear.

Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids In 2017.

The 9.5 inches deep bucket ensures your child is safely enclosed while comfortably sitting down and it has encapsulated soft-grip chains where the baby can hold on to. The swing is made with tough polymer material while the chain is made of galvanized steel so it's durable and weather resistant.

Imagine how happy your toddler will be when you install this bucket swing next to your heavy duty swing sets. It's a great way to give your baby independence as they play and also feel safe and confident.

    No single complaint yet.

Skywalker Sports Jungle Gym Combo.

Any adult swing set should at least be challenging and fun not to mention strong. This Skywalker Sports Jungle Gym Combo is one set that possess all those features and more to make not only adults want to play on it but kids as well.

Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids In 2017.

The heavy duty swing sets for adults and kids comprises of monkey bars, hanging bridge, swing set and a classic jungle gym which is the most challenging part as you need to pass through all those wobbly chains without falling.

Every aspect of these outdoor swings for adults is another fun challenge to overcome so it's a good way to bond with the kids and still have some workout.

These heavy duty swing sets for adults and kids are constructed with heavy duty 16-gauge steel and coated with a rust resistant powder. The modular design allows you to place the set the way you want in your yard and every joint is covered with caps for safety.


Buying Guide For The Best Heavy Duty Swing Sets For Adults And Kids.

It is unfortunate that not many heavy duty swing sets for adults are available in the market. However, if you really need one for your home, these features will help you get the best backyard play sets for adults;

Space Available:

The best swing sets for small yards should be bigger than indoor swings for adults in every way possible. Be sure to check if you have enough space in your backyard to install the swing set so you can select the right one.


The best metal swing sets must be safe to use so that no accidents or injuries occur during playtime. All garden swings for adults should have safety caps on all sharp and rough edges while the chains should be rubber coated to avoid hurting the hands.

It is very important for metallic or wooden swings for adults to meet all safety regulations set by the local authorities so that you will not be liable for negligence. If the backyard swings for adults are made of steel, the frame must be powder coated to prevent chipping, warping and cracking.


Durability and strength go hand in hand so strong swing sets for older child and adults made of high quality materials will definitely last longer.

Durable and affordable swing sets not only gives you value for money but also ensures you do not fear playing on the set due to instability and tear.


Heavy duty swing sets for adults should not just be fun and safe but also mentally stimulating to adults. The best outdoor playsets should have features that appeal to an adult and not just to kids such as challenges, monkey bars, jungle gym and such activities.

Ease of Installation:

The best wooden swing sets should be easy to install on your backyard without involving professionals or villagers. The instruction manual should be easy and precise and all parts must be clearly labeled.


The heavy duty swing sets for adults and kids have the power to change the entire dynamic of your family. Be sure to always take some time to play with your children and spend quality time because it is both good for you mentally and physically.

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