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Heartbreak, Getting Past It by @rodah_

By Samkitots

by @rodah_

I sat down and just thought where I have been and all I could do is to thank God for the new me. I dint think I could make it through when he left yes I was dumped hahaha (funny no? don’t even mind me……..continue reading]  1 year of dating and believing in love and being in love it was not easy to just accept the reality and move on. But the strong woman in me was able to gather the remaining pieces of me and move on. “Hearts are breakable,” Isabelle said. “And I think even when you heal; you’re never be what you were before”.  That’ aside let talk about heart breaks;

Broken heart, the emotions felt after the end of a romance, or grief or disappointment”

Heartbreak, getting past it by @rodah_

Photography by @SteveKitots

Heartbreak is something which can cost you your life if you dwell on it so much. It’s a feeling that keeps dragging you be hide when you think of it and love especially if you were the share with you 3 tips of how to go through a heartbreak

  • Accept and move on.  If you were dating and your partner breaks your heart accept move on, I believe that if your partner loved you so much as they claimed they wouldn’t have left you they would have tried to vumilia you to  change. No one is perfect and we all mess up at some point in our lives. But if they don’t love you enough to tolerate you am thinking there was no love in the first place.
  • Cut links. Yes if you broke up why are you even talking to him or her I mean they hurt you, why are you talking to their best friend, the sister, workmates, don’t they remind you of him\her why even tell them that you were dumped that is acting desperate and you will never get over it sababu mkimaizana na msee sijui unasumbuana nini na mabeshte wake ama familia because you knowing them won’t make them take you back.
  • Lastly if you realize that things are not working with your partner meaning you have tried everything and it’s not working be the first one to call if off in that relationship. I mean why accept to be dumped, dump them first but in a proper way, you know there are those sweet break up’s where you end things calmly as grown up but me sijawaiziskia labda mniambia all I have grown knowing is that a break up is not a good thing whatever the  angle you decide to view things from.

Loving is not an easy task, relationships are hard to sustain, marriage is even the toughest. Heart matter are not as easy as you may think you need to be strong at heart to love someone, you need to tolerate them when what they are doing things that are not pleasing you, just have to. You need to love them enough to forgive them when they mess up and still continue loving them as if nothing happens.

Love is a beautiful thing but before you love you got to be ready for it and sometimes it’s better to be alone no one can hurt you that way.

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