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By Latoya @latoyallawrence


Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 7:24 PM EST

A few nights ago, i spoke over the phone with a guy who use to be in a relationship with a female relative of mine. The two of them began dating when they were in high school. He’d take her out to dinner, to see films, and they’d spend quality time in the company of his parents.

For some particular reason, this guy decided to test my relative’s loyalty back then. While she, he and a male friend of his were all alone at his house he told his friend to make sexual advances toward my relative to test her. She accepted and had sex with the guy right there inside her boyfriend’s home in another room. Afterwards she went to take a shower.

Later on, my relative cried rape but i didn’t believe her because i knew how she was when it came to men and because of the way she reacted that night she returned home. I knew she’d slept with the guy out of her own free will she told me she messed with her boyfriend’s friend in a silly and careless manner i just didn’t know the entire story.

When my mother got wind of my relative’s claim that she was set up to get raped she jumped all over the boyfriend. He tried to explain what really happened but she refused to listen because some people will lie. So i had to intervene then everything was cleared up. My mother decided to hear him out and i heard him out then defended him i also let him know why i was on his side.

He was very grateful to me for being able to realize the truth since it was his word against my own relative’s.

All of this happened about sixteen or seventeen years ago. About four years after the actual incident, the boyfriend came by with a love letter and a bouquet of flowers to give to my relative. He wanted to reconcile but by then she was already in another relationship with another guy. Now, the other night i find out from him that he still hasn’t gotten over what she did all those years ago. I still remember how upset he was when she slept with his friend.

“She had the nerve to go an take a shower. You can’t wash that off”, he told me back then.

He claims he is damaged over the whole situation and that he hasn’t been in a relationship with a woman since. And this all actually took place nearly twenty years ago.

To me, it is so deep for someone to be this much affected by an unfaithful lover. Everybody is entitled to their own feelings but i don’t think my relative is worth all his heartache.

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