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Heart Association School Fundraiser Keeps Kids Active.

Posted on the 29 September 2011 by Mregina @justfundraising

Heart Association's Jump for Heart School Fundraiser   …..AND they love it!

 This is a great idea for a school fundraising event that helps kids plug in plus keep active. Jump Rope for Heart   lets kids participate in an active fundraiser by skipping rope. The kids register, with the help of mom and dad on the website and they are sent information in the mail on how to setup their online fundraising page. The kids then raise money by skipping.

These ” Heart Heroes” are helping out on so many levels. The obvious is raising money  for the heart association which donates the money to kids with heart needs. The other is keeping the students active which comes with it’s own rewards. The statistics I’ve seen writing this article have been eye opening. Did you know that 26% of schoolchildren are obese or that a slew of life long ailments start in childhood because of inactivity?

The Jump Rope for Heart fundrasing campaign has been such a hit with because the kids take to it quickly. It’s been around for 33 years and continues to increase in popularity. Just this year 12 year old Mary Francis Adams who has been at it for 5 years set a record of 8,000 with the help of her email and facebook campaigns. For her efforts the Heart Association awarded Mary Frances the Heartsaver Hero Award.

“After learning about the risk factors of cardiovascular disease, not only did (Mary Frances) set a goal to raise the most money possible, but she encouraged me to lose weight,” Kunkel-Beech said. “I lost 50 pounds and quit smoking. Mary Frances saved my life.”

Mary Frances associated all the money she was raising with helping people like her mom and grandpa, she said. She knew that donors should receive their own recognition, so she wrote them thank-you notes.

“I didn’t think that I was going to win (the hero award) because I thought it was just for fun and because it helped so many people,” said Mary Frances, who now attends Bernard Campbell Middle School. “I lost track of how much I raised.”

The campaign is arranged to keep the students motivated with recognition and gifts for levels of fundraising acheived.

For more information on the Jump Rope for Heart campaign check out:

 The American Heart Association
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 Contact us for more heart healthy fundraising ideas that can help you raise money for your heart association.  

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