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Healthy Holly #1

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
January is almost over and usually by now, the New years resolutions have pretty much hit the bin alongside all the workout gear I bought three weeks earlier, but as I said in my "New Years Resolutions" post, 2016 is a year of change for me and so I thought I would start a little series called "Healthy Holly" where I will let you all know how my fitness improves and my healthy nutrition tips. Not that I'm any expert, I just thought you might be interested, so you can expect more of this kind of post on a fairly regular basis. I don't want to say how regularly because you all know how bad I am at sticking to that shiz...
Healthy Holly #1
Moving on!
Since I went to NYC in December and of course Christmas, I allowed my weight to creep up a bit and I need to get it back under control. I have struggled with being overweight my whole life and while I often write body positive posts on here, I'm a bit of a hypocrite (as some lovely people have pointed out a few times. Thanks for that!) because I'm not positive or happy with my own body.
I always want to feel like I shouldn't have to feel like less of a person, or unatractive just because I'm overweight and I do believe that regardless of your shape, size, skin color or age that we are all beautiful. I, unfortunately just don't truly believe that about myself. I often go through instagram looking at posts of plus size women flaunting all that they have and I am in awe of those women. I wish I had that confidence. I just don't.
On top of that, I lost a few people who I was very close to and I realized that they would give everything to have life and here I am stuffing my face with cheesy wotsits while I watch PLL on repeat. I am doing them a dis-justice by not living my life healthily when they so cruelly had theirs taken away from them.
Aside from that, I just want to sit on an airplane knowing that the seatbelt will fit me, knowing that I will be able to sit next to someone without taking up too much room. I want to know that I can go on holiday to a hot climate without feeling so hot I could collapse. I want to wear shorts or a bathing suit and not feel like I don't fit in. I want to be able to start my own family without the worry of being overweight possibly affecting a pregnancy, I want to fit in with other people without standing out. Yes! It's all vain and probably means nothing to a lot of people, but to me it means everything.
Without babbling on too much, I want to be healthy more than I want to be slim.  I know I will never be a size 10. I would love to be a size 16 which is still plus size but is definitely more healthy than the size 20/22 I am right now. I have an 'ideal weight' in mind but I really don't want to share my weight right now. Maybe once I gain more confidence, I will.
So here's how I plan to do it.
I aim to eat healthy food. That's it! No takeaways or junk food, no sugary drinks, no processed foods. I am increasing my protein (I'm a pescetarian so not meat - just fish) and to cut down on salt, sugar & sodium.
Aside from that, I am going to continue exercising. I already exercise 3-4 times per week because being a blogger means I am sitting on my arse all day. I plan on increasing that and incorporating some heavier weights into my workouts.
I'm also cutting out juice, and trying to drink lemon water.
At the weekend, I am having one cheat day. Throughout the day, I will eat healthily and enjoy an evening meal that may have some processed items and maybe some crisps. I might even have a little alcoholic drink.
On Sunday, it's back to business as usual. If I allow myself a cheat weekend, it becomes never ending. I've been there and done all of that.
I'll share some recipe's and fitspiration as the weeks and months progress!
I'm really excited!! Have you embarked upon your own fitness journey?

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