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Healthy and Economical Eating

By Newsanchormom

Healthy and Economical Eating
It is very rare that a week goes by and I don't get anxious about what to feed my family. We are always in a hurry and it's hard to get to the store. I am not home at night. So I have to plan dinner in the morning-or at least attempt to. I saw this article on CNN about how to eat healthy when you can't get to the store every three days for fresh, organic produce. I do a lot of the tips presented. So it make me feel a little less guilty. We do buy fresh fruit every week, but I use frozen vegetables. Most of the time the veggies go to waste at our house. It's just easier for me when they're frozen and I can use them whenever I want instead of feeling like I have to use them by XX date.
Here are the tips I really liked:
1. When using canned fruit or vegetables: Avoid the ones that have added sugar and get the low-sodium option when available. Always drain the vegetables and wash them thoroughly because that will remove a lot of the sodium. (I didn't realize that.)
2. When cooking frozen vegetables, don't put them in water. Steam them instead to lock in more nutrients. I always steam them, but I don't know if I knew why.
3. Stock up on whole grains. I have been slowly implemented whole grain pasta into our menu. It really depends on the brand whether they will eat it. A lot of the time, I do half whole grain/half white-especially when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. I just add more brown sugar so they aren't too bready(I can't think of a better word.)
4. Get some protein. You can add it to smoothies, milk and oatmeal. I like this idea. We tend to go on protein kicks now and then. I like Shaklee vanilla and chocolate. Hmmm good!
Here's the story on CNN article with some more tips. Please share yours by commenting below.

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