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Health Risks From Cockroach Infestations and Their Prevention

By Alexapoblete
Cockroaches are the most common, gross and nastiest among all types of pests that invade homes. Not a single household in the whole world is spared from the intrusion of this filthy insect. These disgusting creatures can be encountered in many places such as kitchen sinks, pipe holes, garbage piles, corners of heavy furnitures and appliances and toilets.
Health Risks From Cockroach Infestations and their Prevention
Besides bringing fear and social embarrassment, cockroach infestations also pose various health risks because they carry millions of bacteria and other infectious agents. These microbes can cause a wide range of diseases from food poisoning to diarrhoea. The various ways in which cockroaches can cause health hazards are as follows:

Food Contamination

Just like omnivores, cockroaches can eat anything for survival. Their diet consists of food materials, dead plants and animals, glue, paper, soap, leather, hair and even faecal matter. While rampaging around a household at night, they pollute open food sources by excreting in them, leaving behind egg shells and depositing dead skin.
Transmitting Disease-causing Bacteria
When cockroaches feed on exposed food, they vomit out sputum and other digestive juices which contain disease-causing bacteria and germs that live within their guts. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria commonly found in the saliva of cockroaches, causes various diseases to human beings like sepsis, digestive problems and rectum infections. Another bacterium known as Salmonella, causes typhoid and food poisoning.
Besides contaminating food, cockroaches can also cause different types of allergies. Their body parts and sputum secretions are known to have various kinds of allergens that may trigger skin irritations or unwanted reactions. The common problems include watery eyes, sneezing and rashes. Sometimes the allergens can also worsen breathing problems in asthma patients.
Health Risks From Cockroach Infestations and their Prevention
Invading Body Parts
Cockroaches are known to enter body orifices of human beings when they are asleep. Small ones can intrude into nose and ears of sleeping people. Apart from that, there are some species which even bite humans. Sometimes they might even nibble on toes, fingernails and other soft body parts, leaving wounds.
In order to prevent these health risks, one must exercise suitable control methods for eliminating cockroaches from household and prevent future infestations. Regular cleaning is very important as well as effective for keeping them at bay. Garbage bins should be kept covered at all times. Food stuffs must be stored in sealed containers. In case of large-scale infestations, the responsibility of treatment should be handed over to a skilled pest exterminator in Northern Beaches.

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