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Health Nuts

By Kina_lillet
Health NutsSince college now takes up about 90% of my life, and with the constant moving up and down throughout the week, I rarely get the opportunity to enjoy a good, healthy meal. Unfortunately, the tuck shops here on campus don't serve the heartiest of foods to eat, and so the temptation to snack on chips, cookies, instant noodles etc. is often easy to give into. Personally, I'm not very concerned about weight gain or counting carbs and all that stuff (it takes away the ability to enjoy good food) however, it is important to give your body that extra boost every once in a while.
Even when I'm not able to have a nice hot meal throughout the day, snacking on things like nuts and fruit (and drinking lots of water) do help me stay going.
Health NutsMeanwhile....$23
Ever wanted to do something cool with an empty one gallon bottle

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