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Health & Beauty Pick Sept. 26: Seltzer

By Nicelise
Health & Beauty Pick Sept. 26: SeltzerI am constantly drinking water all day. I drink so much water that I get tend to just get sick of it. Rather than continue to force myself to drink more water or pick up juice with high calories and sugar, I like to reach for seltzer.
Health & Beauty Pick Sept. 26: SeltzerI love seltzer because it's like indulging in soda, but it is only carbonated water which means no calories, no sugar or artificial sweeteners and no list of ingredients you can't pronounce. And you're still getting the hydrating benefits of water. You can also add a slice of lemon, lime or orange for a fruity twist to your seltzer.
Two brands I like are Vintage Seltzer, which is also pretty cheap, and La Croix Sparkling Water. La Croix has yummy and naturally sweetened flavors, my favorite is grapefruit.
Seltzer is a nice mixer when you're out and want to have some drinks at a bar since it doesn't add any additional calories and sugar.

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