Health as the Cure

Posted on the 04 June 2014 by Taylor Simien @KweenTaylorrr_

Health as the CureOriginally posted on advocare distributor:

cancer cure
Recently there was a story of a young woman who at 22 has been diagnosed with cancer and has begun taking chemotherapy. This a terrifying point in life and there is not anything from someone that has not been through it can really say to relate, so I will not attempt that. What can be done is feed the body what it needs. I am not a doctor and do not make an attempt to diagnose or treat any medical condition. I am a man who has read numerous articles, researched, and just applied logic to the situation.

Cancer needs 3 things low oxygen environment, low pH or acidic environment, and a body deficient in vitamins and minerals. In the standard American high sugar low veggie diet all three of these lead to the epidemic rate of cancer growth and varying types of cancers. People tend to breathe very shallow…

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