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Healing Trees – The Global Tree Network

By Luphil

Saturday at noon time during the group living at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona it was very hot. Nevertheless I wanted to go for a little walk. I saw nobody who would like to accompany me but I had the feeling that I would meet someone. From between the university buildings I saw a path leading down from a forest to the valley and I decided to go into this direction. The forest was very dry and the smell of pine resin was in the air. After 200 meters I saw somebody sitting under a tree. It was Reyes – whom I have several times met in India and also once visited in Spain. I asked him what he was doing there and he said, healing trees.

He explained to me that through the impact of human destruction of nature – often by putting buildings into nature without taking care of the subtle dimensions of nature – many trees withdraw their energy and they are no more radiating it into the surrounding. He told me about the work of Damanhur and the “Global Tree Network”Celebrating the Relationship between Humans and Trees” –a collaboration between Damanhur and Wisdom University. They call the work Reyes is doing “Orienting trees”. On their website they write:

“Trees are the living antennae of our planet and, consistent with Damanhur’s and indigenous understanding, they have a special energy interaction with cosmic forces on the Solstices. At the Summer Solstice they send to the cosmos information on the state and complexity of life on our planet, and at the Winter Solstice they receive a signal in return. For many hundreds of years their message has been a cry of despair. The Global Tree Network is fully committed to transforming this cry into a concert of happy forests.

The Global Tree Network (GTN) has arisen out of a collaboration between Damanhur, Federation of Communities, and Wisdom University. The purpose of the Network is to launch a global campaign of awareness and celebration of the relationship between humans and trees. At the core of this initiative is a specific technique devised in Damanhur, and people from all over the world are invited to participate, adding their unique artistic, cultural, and spiritual approaches.”

Reyes then showed me what he was doing: He was using a special pendulum with a battery at the center and he was circling it three times around the stem of a tree. He noted with his subtle perception the energy change of the tree. After having done so with a number of trees, he notes it down in his mobile and sends an information to the Tree Network. They regularly do rituals to strengthen the energy field of all related trees.

I became curious and so Reyes made me feel the energy field of a tree before and after his treatment. And yes, it seemed to me that there was a significant change which I would describe as a more ordered and radiating field. I observed him doing this small ritual with some more trees before we went back to the hotel. Next day before we departed, I asked him to go with me again to the place of the trees and there I took the following photos. An interesting project.


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