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Heading Stateside

By Sighbury @sighbury


It’s been a while, but finally I’ll be returning to the good ol’ US of A. With a slightly shaky finger (shaky due to the astronomical air fares) I have just confirmed a five week roadtrip through Southwest America this summer. I’ve dreamt and researched returning to the States pretty much ever since the last time I set foot in the place (October, 2007), but a combination of children, work, money have led to this extended exile.

A regular viewing diet throughout 2014 of True Detective, Breaking Bad and anything Western while wading through the works of Cormac McCarthy, Philipp Meyer’s ‘The Son’ and a glut of Wild West histories (not to mention my long-held appreciation for Americana music) has only brought the inevitable one step closer. With the kids finally at an age where I believe they can start to appreciate their surroundings and with my wife allowed a short work sabbatical the deed has been done. We’re going Stateside, baby. Burger and barbecue joints of the southwest states of America you have been warned…I’m coming to get ya!

If anyone reading this (wishful thinking…) has some recommendations for things to do and see in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana etc. then I would gladly welcome them. Just so long as it doesn’t involve religious cults or ex-Chemistry teachers-turned-meth producers.

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