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He Slashed My Face with a Piece of Broken Glass

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

He slashed my face with a piece of broken glass

This post is an anonymous guest post


I have something to share with you , I am not trying to scare anyone but want to make you all aware .
This is very long post and I just want you to read it and please be aware at this time of year how not everyone out there is as lovely and Christmas spirited as we are .


Four years ago I had a dentist appointment after work . I went straight there from work and was too meet my husband and the girls in the car park there as he was getting the bus .

I was ten mins early and parked in the dentist car park . My handbag/work bag was on the floor on the passenger side so I grabbed it plopped in on the passenger seat and got my phone out for a quick chin wag with one of my friends whilst waiting for DH and the girls .
I was deep in conversation on the phone when I saw something out of the corner of eye , I glanced in the passenger side mirror and saw a man all in black with a balaclava on crouched at the side of my car he saw me looking at him as I saw him .


He jumped to his feet and threw a broken brick at my car window . The window cracked and shattered but didn’t break he punched it through with his black gloved hands and glass flew all over my passenger seat .


This literally happened in seconds but I can still see it in slow motion to this day . I had dropped my phone still connected to my friend on the phone and was screaming , he leaned into my car full head and shoulders in and reached for my bag .


I couldn’t think of anything at this point besides you bastard you are not getting my bag so as he grabbed one strap I grabbed the other and screamed no at him .

He never let go off my bag but with his other hand he punched me full in the face I stupidlly still had hold of my bag and was still screaming praying someone , anyone would come .


He reached towards me again and slashed my face with a piece of broken glass I fell back in my seat he pulled himself out of my car with my bag .

He almost swaggered slowly around the side of my car like he had not a care in the world .

I watched him in my mirror he came round the back of my car – now I could hardly breathe I was so scared he was coming down my side of the car .

I slammed the lock down on my door the second he reached my and grabbed for my car door handle he stood there looking at me through two slits in his covered mask I slammed my hand on the horn and he ran .


All I could think of was moving out of the car park I pulled out and onto the nearest road I could find and just stopped there .
People were driving past me looking at me , with half my windo smashed in a blood streaming down my face , but no one stopped to help they all just stared and drove on by .


I rang my husband , he was on the bus he couldn’t understand what I was trying to say and just kept saying I will be at the dentist as soon as I can the bus is stuck in traffic .

I finally got through to him what had happened and he told me to move the car and keep driving round the block till he arrived , which I did .

I remember stopping at the lights and this couple in the car next me pointing and looking at me .My husband arrived and I dont remember much from then on in .


The police never caught this man that did this to me . It was in the paper , did you see anything can you help .Young male all in black , black trainers , tracksuit and balaclava – not much to go on there is there .


I never drove that car again , I was off work for a month and still have a scar down my face .


He got £200 of my Christmas shopping money , my makeup collection my purse with baby pictures in and all of my confidence .
I wonder if this triggered my depression or if it just helped things along


Please please make sure you lock your car doors this time of year , leave your handbag and pram bag in the boot of your car and always park somewhere safe with people about .

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