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He-Shi • Self Tanning (aka the BEST)

By Kellilash @Kellilash

It's that time of the year where our summer glow is nearing its end and although our bodies get covered up more, we still need a bit of colour to make us feel good and for the times when we need to get our bodies out!

Self tanning is one of life's beauty missions where we strive to find that one miracle self tanner that ticks all the boxes. For many years I have been very happy with my self tan of choice as I have recommended it to many people over the past years, but for me, my skin has decided that suddenly, it just needs more. I found that my regular tanner was just not working how it used to and not lasting long enough to the point where it was just becoming a hassle to keep it up. This made me dip my toe back into the self-tanning waters and I believe that I have found the one. Yes the ONE.

This fabulous new find is a brand called , a self tanning brand 'for him and her' loved by many beauty editors, celebrities worldwide and now KelliLash. Using only the best high quality balanced ingredients, it is possible that we can all have a safe, healthy, stunning looking tan that won't look fake. Now I have to give credit where credit is due and thank my friend Karen for this introduction as she originally told me that this was a brand I had to try, so after being contacted by the brand themselves, they kindly sent me some products to try out and I thank the day that they did. We are talking 'holy grail' status here.... yes, THAT good.

I was looking for a self tan that was effortless to apply, fast to apply and lasted more than a few days ... oh and did not smell of course! I was getting so fed up of having to reapply my tan every few days over this summer as it was just not lasting on my skin. I even invested in a very luxe brand that everyone raved about about, Vita Liberata which don't get me wrong was super lovely as it applied liked dream, had no scent but it certainly did not last the 2-3 weeks that it claimed, more like 5 days and for the price, I just didn't think it was worth it. They do say to apply it for three days consecutively for it to last the time but if I had, I would have been as dark as a mahogany coffee table. Wasn't going to happen. To me thats fussy. I want simple.

So the tanning gods (aka He-Shi) parted the clouds above me and sent two body changing products that I am actually obsessed with because they work and tick all the boxes above! So I have the Body Sculpting Gradual Tan and the Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan - which is my no1 winner. So let me explain all as you shall want to know, trust me.

Now that the summer has ended, there are still going to be those times where we need a tan, fast for parties, special occasions or the general feel good factor that having a tan gives you so these two products are simply perfect for just that.

For me, this is the star of the show and my hero product. This rapid tan liquid is very unique as it tans immediately when in contact with the skin to give you an instant golden colour with finished results in the hour. Because of its super quick drying time and the fact that you can see where it goes, you can be assured that you wont get streaks or patchiness. You can leave this on how long you want too, to get a deeper colour that shall last a good 7-10 days - a claim that most definitely is lived up to! You can even use this on the face should you wish. It is made from 100% natural DHA, an active tanning ingredient, is odourless, paraben free, contains Pentavitin which is a moisture locking ingredient proved to improve the skins hydration by 40% hence why this tan lasts for so long as swell as Vitamin E and anti-ageing technologies. Boxes all ticked!

Applying this liquid could not be any more simple. Be sure to apply to clean dry skin so no moisturiser (prep the skin the night or day before) and using the tanning mitt (a must) smooth evenly all over the body then after 2 mins (yes!) you can get dressed. Leave it on 1 hour for a golden tan, 2 hours for a darker tan and longer for an ultra dark colour, then shower. I tend to leave it on all day then shower at night or apply at night, sleep in it and shower the morning after. This is fine and you don't look mahogany I assure you as I am very fair (see pics). You can moisturise daily to prolong and revitalise your skin without it being affected. Also big plus, no smell!!

The results after 7 days .... AMAZING right???!!! .....

The idea of a tanning liquid was very strange to me at first, as I thought there is no way this is going to work, but in fact this works so much better than any mousse or lotion that I have used before. It takes minutes to apply full body as the liquid just glides over the body so you can do this before a night out for sure. I often apply this then go out. Its fool proof. As you can see from above this tan gives the nicest, golden colour with no tell tale 'self tan signs' at all. I always opt of the darker option with self tan as I like a more intense colour that still looks natural as in it could be real rather than a slight hint of colour.

I am still amazed that this tan lasts for a good week as no other product I have ever used has lasted this well. It doesn't even look patchy, just lighter which is what I have been searching for all these years seeing as I am all about the 'safe tanning" methods. What more can I say apart from I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and recommend it highly!! I am so happy that self tanning is no longer a hassle and what I wanted from a product has at last been produced. Needless to say, this is getting backed up in my stocks.

So onto the next product ...

A multi-tasking self tan that gives a lightly bronzed colour whilst contouring your skin to give it a more toned appearance. Active slimming ingredient "Intenslim" contains a highly effective complex that encourages the production ion elastin, helping to tighten and reshape. It works in conjunction with antioxidant encapsulated Caffeine which when massaged in, helps to improve your microcirculation and accumulation of fat cells own the skins surface - reducing the appearance of cellulite. Again made from DHA, paraben and alcohol free. The magic formula locks in moisture for long results as well as being anti-ageing like the previous tanner.

Simply use again on clean dry skin, on a daily basis or as and when you want to keep your skin bronzed, toned and smooth. Use either a mitt or be sire to wash hands thoroughly after wards. this one takes a good 6-8 hours to develop, hence the gradual part, but should last a good days so keep topping it up when you feel you need it.

This product had me with the words 'sculpting' and 'tan' so I was very excited to try this one out. It has such a lovely texture being a gel formula and it feels so lovely and cooling when you apply it all over your body. You can actually see the capsules in the gel itself (see above!) which I like as you know it is going to be active as to states. It does have a strong scent to it but this disappears once it is on the skin luckily. I am always wary of any 'cellulite claims' when it comes to body products as scientifically you can never get rid of cellulite, only lessen it's appearance as this product kindly states and we all know that a tan helps to hide it too. I have to say my skin had a lovely natural colour the very next day and it definitely felt smoother, looked more even in tone and felt very soft so I think the more you use this one, the more improvement you shall certainly get. It is one of the nicest body treatments I have used but one where you can't expect miracles overnight so you need to continue with this one. I would surely recommend if you are looking for something more than your average gradual tanner as this one certainly pulls out all the stops.

I adore gradual tanners especially during the colder months as they just take the edge off the paleness of my skin making me feel brighter and lets face it, we all feel better about our bodies when we have a tan.

I am so glad that I have the option to look this bronzed all year round, I mean you have to agree the results are incredible. When a product is this good, its my duty to report and tell you all so check out the brand as you shall hopefully love it as much as I do.

He-Shi have a full range should you want to know more or maybe you prefer a mousse or lotion then check out their website here and on .

Have you tried He-Shi? If not, then it's a must.

(Ps Sorry I had to feature my legs and not some long, leggy cat walk model, it was me or Louis, my dog and he wasn't keen).

He-Shi • Self Tanning (aka the BEST)

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