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He Said We Haven't Had That Spirit Here Since Nineteen Sixty Nine

By Agnes

(Such a great song...)


Most everything is status quo in my neck of the woods (as you can see coffee is still a permanent fixture in my life... some things never change). Wake up, coffee, work, dinner, work, go to sleep.  

A few great projects have been keeping me busy -- and busy is good.

It's nice to take a break and blog for a few minutes though, even if it's hard to remember to do it every day. Sometimes, in a strange way, blogging creates another dimension for me. Some mundane non-event happens, I or someone else happens to take a picture... I blog about it, then think to myself, this doesn't seem half as mundane as it did when it happened. 

Sometimes typing away helps me discover what I think, other times it makes me forget it. I am afraid this time it's the latter... 

Until next time. 



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