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He's Just Not That into You {Unimpressible Kids}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
He's just not that into you {Unimpressible Kids}   I'm going to start a help group, kind of like AA but for parents of unimpressible kids! Aspergers, Autism, GAD, ADHD, or just "that" kid whatever the issue there is this niche of kids who are just simply unable to be impressed in any way shape or form! I know this familiar frustration because, well, I'm the father of their leader/dictator!
   While my 9 year old son with Asperger's can in fact be impressed, though not by what you are trying to impress him with, my 6 year old with GAD can NOT be impressed! Asperger's strikes when we buy our 9 year old something awesome & get a little response out of the awesome thing but an over whelming response of sheer amazement out of a new "As Seen On TV" Info-Mercial Product.
He's just not that into you {Unimpressible Kids}   Zion, a 6 year old with an anxiety disorder & a disposition that is about 78%.....Un-Sunny! He is so amazing that other 22% of the time that you just want to REALLY impress him, really knock his socks off with a surprise. Take him to the zoo...nothing, take him to the movies...nothing, took him to Chicago...nothing. Don't get me wrong, he gets happy & at times on rare occasions will re-tell his favorite part of a trip or outing. Call me over baring but you know when the parents surprise their kids with a trip to Disney Land & they freak out? I want that from him, I've been able to get it from the other two but not him! Well, you know, the poor people version of it anyway. Unless you all are going to start paying $39.95 to read this blog a trip to Disney is out & ya know what? That's okay. Places like that cost so much I would rather go somewhere mediocre & do everything than take them somewhere awesome & get to do one thing. That's why I love my kids, they(the two that can be excited) get excited like the Disney kids when I tell them we are going to the Snow cone Stand! But not Zion! You can buy him something or tell him you are taking him somewhere & just get right up in his face, because he knows what I'm looking for! Stone Cold, sometimes he will fight back a smerk if I bust his chops but he does his absolute best to be a stone faced killer!
    On a side note, before I close out this blog, I wanted to share something very important to me & my family with you all. We have some close friends, probably the most genuine people I've ever met in my life, Pam & Chris. They have an Autistic son who's autism is far more challenging than my sons & they are always strong, patient, & positive. As we all know, no one can be patient & positive all the time but I am ever in awe of their seeming ability to do so!
He's just not that into you {Unimpressible Kids}     Chis is a radio man! Owning, operating, & DJing while still taking care of business at home as well. Getting to the skinny of it, Chris & Pam have jumped in the deep end to really live out the dream! They are all set to be the proud owners of a Radio Station in Southern California! They have worked so hard, waited so long, & over come so much so I am trying to do what ever I can to make this dream just a little bit easier to obtain!
Chris says on Facebook:
     - "Friends and family - a dream of mine is realized! I have secured financing to purchase a radio station in Southern California but I need your help. We are doing some fundraising to meet some expenses (our survival expenses) for our first 6 months or so. Will you take a look at the link and if you are able contribute to the dream? Thanks from me and my family!"
    So, if you are able & willing, please please please help them out by visiting this link!

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