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Having Indoor Cats

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
I have two indoor cats - Nala & Simba. My family and I rescued them from the Cat protection in Dumfries after one of their owners died and they were mistreated by the remaining owner (I know grief can make things hard, but there's NO excuse for hurting an animal and he should be glad the Cat Protection wouldn't tell us his name).
Having Indoor Cats
Moving on!
They're brother and sister and were almost 2 when we got them, they're now almost 8 years old. We took on the cats knowing that we stay near a very busy road where dozens of cats have been killed before and they would need to remain indoor. The lady at the cat protection told us that she would prefer that, as the two cats were timid and never ventured outside.
Having Indoor Cats
You would think that it's difficult to keep a cat indoors. It's not, and it's certainly not cruel. Our cats are happy and content. They get our undivided attention and are literally treated like they're our babies. (the way ALL animals should be treated IMO!). They never get bored, they play with each other or with the huge amount of toys we have for them.
We keep the windows on safety locks (they open an inch or two, no more), we never leave the door open and all cables, plastic bags and boxes are always disposed of or tied up instantly.
Having Indoor Cats
We also make sure we buy 'animal safe' flowers for the home - we have been given Lillies before  but these are always kept in a room that the cats cannot access (they're highly poisonous to cats).
In terms of fighting, they fight if something has upset them in the home which can be anything from moved furniture to hormones and a clothes horse where they hide and pounce at each other.
We bought litter boxes which are HUGE and have a hood on them. There's no smell and they have plenty of room to move around. We've never once had a 'mess' from either of them.
Lastly, the only difficult parts of having indoor cats are that when you go on holiday, we have such specific needs for our catsitter and we miss them haha! Aside from that, we go through vacuum cleaners a lot thanks to a lot of hair and have some ripped sofa's.
Aside from that, it's Kitty bliss at my house!
Do you have any pets?
H x

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