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Have We Forgotten How To Eat?

By Chuck Underwood @brandnewvegan

Have We Forgotten How To Eat?

Have we really forgotten how to eat?

Spending the better part of the day in airports yesterday, I would have to agree.

McDonalds, BBQ, and greasy Asian Takeout joints were all over the food courts.  And if you dared to venture into one of those news stands you’d be greeted with options like potato chips, beef jerky, cheese crackers, or some kind of meat based hoagie, wrapped up in cellophane for a ridiculous price.

That is NOT how you eat to nourish your body!

It’s simply how you stop your stomach from growling so loud your neighbor in the seat next to you can hear.

Oh, but they have food you can order on the plane now too…..

FRUIT you say, that’s healthy!  And cheese!

Isn’t funny how they take something so innocent like cheese and try to make it into some kind of gourmet item for $7.50?  It’s CHEESE folks (or should I say pure FAT and a lot of SALT).

Have We Forgotten How to Eat?

loaded potato skins 1

I hate to tell you folks but that stuff in the airport or on the plane is not food.  It’s salt, sugar, and fat.  It’s calories.  It’s added pounds to your waistline and a little more clogging of the arteries.

  • Food does not come in a paper sack or cardboard box.
  • Food is whole, natural, picked right off the plant, tree, or vine.
  • Food still has all its vitamins and minerals and fiber.
  • Food is fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, whole grains and legumes.
  • Food is what nature has provided us for thousands of years.
  • Food not only stops that tummy from growling, but ALSO gives your body everything it needs to stay healthy.
  • Food is LIFE!

So why do we insist on filling up on junk that encourages sickness and death?

Crazy isn’t it?

Like author Michael Pollan says,

Eat FOOD, Not to Much, Mostly Plants.

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