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Have Polar Vortex, Will Travel

By Travelersmind
I woke up to another pile of snow outside, and it hasn't stopped coming down all day. On the news this morning, they said Chicago has received more than 50 inches of snow this winter alone. 50! That's at least 20 inches more than the average for this time of year, and at least 45 inches more than what we got last year (I think it was about 8 inches--what I wouldn't give for that kind of mild weather right now).
Have Polar Vortex, Will Travel
Have Polar Vortex, Will Travel
Then I saw this article asking if a Polar Vortex prompts travel. Bottom line. Yes, it does.
Thankfully, in two weeks I will be leaving this frigid cold and endless snowstorm for the warm, sunny beaches of Belize! And that day cannot come quick enough. I was hoping to get a small break from it all this weekend with an impromptu trip to Alabama to see my boyfriend (he's there for 2 1/2 weeks for work), but everyone seems to have the same desire, so flight prices are super high. Alas, no semi-warm weather for me just yet.
Next week, I will be heading to a place that is probably colder and potentially has more snow than Chicago: Grand Rapids (and Holland), Michigan. Despite the fact that it will still be winter there, I'm really looking forward to it. I've never been to Michigan, believe it or not, and I've heard great things about the western part of the state. I have a friend who went to college in Holland, and told me all the things I should check out--of course half of them are only open during the warmer months, but that's okay. I'm excited to check out some of the attractions that are open, and taste some of the local brews! New Holland Brewery is one of my favorites, so excited to check out their tasting room, along with some of the other local craft brewers in the area.
While that will be a nice change from the scene here in Chicago, what's really keeping me motivated is that tropical paradise that awaits me in a few weeks. I cannot wait to pull on some shorts and a tank top and go exploring the caves of the Cayo District, wandering through the humid forests and taking a dip in the jungle rivers. And that sandy beach in Caye Caulker is calling my name, a place where I'll lay on the sand and snorkel with the marine life.
Have Polar Vortex, Will Travel Have Polar Vortex, Will Travel Have Polar Vortex, Will Travel
Just two more weeks in this Polar Vortex...hope it goes by fast.

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