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Have I Mentioned That I Love Summer?

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
I think Summer is my new favorite season.
It used to be Fall.
I do still love the beautiful colors, light breezes and moderate weather that come with Fall. I also love Autumn holidays and all the fun activities I get to do with the kids (at school and at home) in the Fall.
But Summer is just so awesome.
I love to dress casually. Like really casually. A pair of jeans is dressing up for me.
Slight digression: Thank goodness I'm an early childhood teacher so I have a good excuse for never wearing a suit. I'm not wearing anything to work that I'm not willing to get paint on.
Summer is the season of time off work for me, which means comfy cotton shorts and tees. I'm happier when I'm comfortable.
Summer is also the time for water play. I love taking my kids to the pool or just letting them play out back with the hose. Sometimes I let them get me with the hose too.
Another digression: Guess what?! Acacia gets to move to the "big girl" swim class this Saturday!! Yay!! I'm so proud of my baby girl. She gets to be in a class without a parent now. It only took her three weeks to graduate from the "Parent & Me class." Woohoo!
Moving on: I love that I never have to worry about having extra layers of clothing with me in the Summer. I know I'll be fine to go out in my comfy shorts and tee, even if it's late in the evening. Shoot, even if it's raining, it's still warm enough to do that here.
I love Summer rain. We don't get much. It's a desert. It's so nice when we do though. I let my kids ride their bikes out in the light rain yesterday morning.
I love Summer nights. Warm, light wind, and beautiful, bright city lights.
I love August Teacher Appreciation Days at local stores like Office Max, Office Depot, & Staples. I got free snacks and some other free goodies, plus great discounts on school supplies at Office Max's annual Teacher Appreciation Event this morning.
I love Back-to-School shopping (well, except the spending money part of it). I can't wait to go pick out my kids' very first little backpacks, lunchboxes, and uniform clothes. I can already picture it. They're going to be so stinkin' cute and they're going to be so annoyed with all the photos I'll want to take.
Yep. Summer wins. It's official.
Have I Mentioned That I Love Summer?

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