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"Have Glove, Will Travel"

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
My friend Brett Rapkin, a noted filmmaker who I had worked with on the terrific documentary "Impossible to Forget: The Story of the '67 Boston Red Sox", has as his newest project a new independent film about the great former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee called "Have Glove, Will Travel" and knowing what I know about The Spaceman, it's sure to be another worthy effort.
At this point, Brett is looking for people to help him with the backing of the film, and he is doing it through Kickstarter.
Brett has a goal of $34,000 by August 25th, and is still a ways away. You can contribute any amount you like to the cause, and you will be rewarded if you contribute certain amounts.
"Have Glove, Will Travel" just had a nice article written about it at the Boston Globe.
And here is a short clip about the film:
I encourage all of you who are Red Sox fans, as well as Bill Lee fans, to help out with this project. Brett is a terrific filmmaker, and this is something that I personally can't wait to see.

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