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Have a Mani Christmas!

By Kellilash @Kellilash
Have a Mani Christmas!
Painting your nails can be the perfect accessory to any outfit, making you instantly look more groomed and glamorous. I have found Pinterest a great tool for getting inspired and more creative ….. just a few of my faves below! Have a Mani Christmas!
Most of us today spend a fortune on our nails whether its getting regular manicures, getting gel overlays, nail art or just a simple french manicure. The choices are endless when it comes to our nails and there really is something for everyone whether you have long, short or nails that need treating, there is a product for you. Groomed nails instantly transform a person whether you are male or female as the hands are always on show so its important to keep them looking good.

I love nail polish so much so, my collection is bordering on obsessive. I have been known to actually plan outfits around a nail colour …. yes, I'm that crazy. There are so many amazing nail options that I thought I would share a few of my favourites that I have recently found online as they make the perfect gift to yourself, friends and make any party outfit complete. Why not express yourself through your nails …. PolishesThe easiest and quickest way to transform your nails, just remember to prep your nails first with a base coat and then set with a top coat to ensure your polish lasts longer and stays glossy.

Have a Mani Christmas! Ciate Paint Pots, £9 here (Left to Right)
1. Kitten Heels2. Jewel3. The Hamptons4. Antique Brooch5. Fit for a Queen6. London Baby7. Monte Carlo8. Love Letter9. Fashionista SisterHave a Mani Christmas!OPI Nail Laquer, £10 here1. I Snow You Love Me (Mariah Holiday Collection 2013)2. DS Bold3. All I Want For Christmas (Mariah Holiday Collection 2013)4. Sleigh Ride For Two (Mariah Holiday Collection 2013)5. It's Frosty Outside (Mariah Holiday Collection 2013)6. Wondrous Star (Mariah Holiday Collection 2013)Have a Mani Christmas!Deborah Lippman, $19 here Nail Duo - Best of Both Gift Set (how cute is this!)

Nail Kits
These kits have become hugely popular this year giving us all the ability to create nail masterpieces ourselves with the addition of crystals, bows, studs, glitter and a whole lot more. With these kits your nails shall certainly not be boring and you can have some fun at the same time being all creative. 
Have a Mani Christmas!Nails Inc "Bling It On' Gift Sets (prices vary)1. Romance here2. Glitterball here3. Rebel here4. Emerald hereHave a Mani Christmas!The New Black Sets, £15.50, here1. Shattered2. StuddedHave a Mani Christmas!Nails Inc Press On 'Crystaltastic' Nails With Real Swarovski Elements1. Nude Lace here2. Chic Pink & Blue here3. Black and Gold here

DIY Nail Wraps 
Nail wraps have been around quite a few years now starting off with Minx, which started this nail foil trend. They have since become a lot easier to apply yourself at home without the need of going to a salon. With nail wraps you can really be creative and make a statement and the great thing is there is no drying time so once applied, your good to go!
Have a Mani Christmas!Have a Mani Christmas!Nail Wraps1. Nail Rock, here2. Sephora Nail Art Patches, here

'At Home' Gel Nail Kits
Gel Nails have always been a salon treatment but these DIY Gel Nail kits have made it possible for us to do it at home. It has been another big trend this year with us all wanting our nail polish to last and stay glossy for weeks instead of days. Gel Polish is designed to last for weeks and stay chip free as the specially formulated polish is placed under a UV lamp to set it instantly ensuring long term wear. This may take you longer to do but it's great if you have no time to keep re-painting your nails.  Have a Mani Christmas! Gel Nail Kits1. Sephora for OPI here2. Red Carpet Manicure here3. Sally Hansen here
….. and for all you NAIL ADDICTSWhat better addition than a Nail Polish Christmas Calendar and Table Crackers!Yes, I do own the Calendar as its so much more exciting than chocolate (well almost) and the crackers are certainly so much more entertaining than getting another hairclip or fortune telling fish!Have a Mani Christmas!Have a Mani Christmas!

Nail Accessories Ciate Mini Mani Month, £42here(sells fast!)Nails Inc Crackers, £25, here

I hope this has given you some party nail inspiration!Have a very 'Mani Christmas' Lash Lovers.
Have a Mani Christmas!

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