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Haul: Triangl Swimwear

By Stylishlytaylor @xoTaaaylor
Hi everyone, 
So this post is going to be a mini review/haul since I haven't actually used the product yet but I was too excited not to talk about it.  
I don't think I actually mentioned this, but I'm going to Cuba for March Break so I have been stocking up on bikinis, including a huge Victoria's Secret online splurge.  However, a few weeks ago I finally caved and managed to splurge on an order from Traingl Swimwear.
Triangl Swimwear is a company based in Australia famous for their simplistic and high quality neoprene bikinis.  Tumblr is absolutely loaded with images of these bikinis for their vibrant colours and beautiful yet simple style.  Although the bikinis are usually $80 for the set, with customs, taxes and shipping the bikinis, depending where you live average around $120.  
So I actually combined my order with my friend so we wouldn't have to pay double the shipping price.  The bikini I got was the Chloe Bikini in Santa Rose Splash.
Haul: Triangl Swimwear Haul: Triangl Swimwear
I am absolutely obsessed, it was packaged really nice and comes with a case for the bikini to ensure it doesn't fold since it's in the care instructions to not allow the bikini to fold or crease.  In order to figure out my size for the bikini, I used the online chat on Triangl and the fit was perfect.  I am so in love with this bikini.  Since the fabric is neoprene padding isn't needing so you do not have to worry about your nips peeking through the material.
Haul: Triangl Swimwear
My friend got the Ollie bikini in Twiggy Stardust and it feels like leather.  All the bikinis are really well made and you can fall in love by touching them.  As you can tell the style differs from the Chloe to the Ollie but if shipping wasn't so expensive I would buy more right away.  If you can afford the hefty shipping price a bikini from Traingl Swimwear would for sure look bomb.  
Haul: Triangl Swimwear
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