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Hatiyan Ka Jhad

By Memirza15
Hatiyan ka Jhad
Well this is apparently the biggest and oldest tree in Hyderabad its over 400 years old, The famous baobab tree also known to local residents as Hatiyan ka Jhad means ( Elephant Size Tree ) located in the Naya Qila premises is more than 400 years old.The Arabian traders introduced this tree in Hyderbad it was gifted to Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah by the Arabs. This tree have the girth of 27.40 meters (89 feet).
A cave is formed in between the branches of this tree. There are various stories centered around this Baobab tree and one of the famous stories is related to its cave which helped some 40 notorious thieves to hide themselvessome 400 years ago

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