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Harvest Monday - 4 July 2016

By Mwillis
We've been away in France for a few days, visiting family, so I have not harvested as much as would otherwise have been the case. Still, I have a few things to report.
First off, some more Broad Beans. These are "Robin Hood" ones.
Harvest Monday -  4 July 2016
I have been a bit disappointed with these. I thought they were going to be good, but they ran out of steam quickly. Very few of the flowers on the upper portions of the plants produced any viable pods, so the overall yield has been low.
Harvest Monday -  4 July 2016
The beans are good though - lovely and tender. Here they are, mixed with some peas.
Harvest Monday -  4 July 2016
The frustrating thing about peas is that when you grow only a small number of plants there are never enough pods ready at once! These are the ones that went in with the Broad Beans seen above. Fortunately they cook in much the same time.
Harvest Monday -  4 July 2016
Naturally there was more Lettuce! Here we have three "Little Gem" and one "Devin":
Harvest Monday -  4 July 2016
The "Little Gem" have been really good this year, with very tight crispy hearts.
Another salad ingredient I have cropped a couple of times recently is this Greek Cress. It doesn't amount to much in terms of weight, but it contributes a lot of flavor. It is pleasantly peppery without being overpowering.
Harvest Monday -  4 July 2016
Cutting it is a bit of a fiddle, but if you do it carefully you can cut it several times - at least three - because it will re-grow.
As usual, I'm linking my post to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres, where I'm sure you will be able to see some other great harvests this week - it's prime harvest time, after all!

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