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Harvest Monday - 29th February 2016

By Mwillis
I have somehow managed to scrape together another small harvest! And when I say "small", I mean "small"...
Harvest Monday - 29th February 2016
That is the last of my Celeriac. Unfortunately, it is only approximately the size of a tennis ball.
Harvest Monday - 29th February 2016
This past year I grew 4 Celeriac plants. One rotted before reaching a useable size, and the other three were disappointingly small. The one seen above was the smallest. I think I'll give Celeriac a rest for a while, and try something else!
During the week I also picked the very last of the Brussels Sprouts, which I have already written about:
Harvest Monday - 29th February 2016
Even after preparation for cooking, there was still a decent amount of useable material.
Harvest Monday - 29th February 2016Meanwhile, we are still using chillis from the freezer, because we are going through a phase of being keen on oriental food. I made this soup on Friday:
Harvest Monday - 29th February 2016
The basis of the soup was stock made with the carcass of a roast chicken (gravy and all, hence the dark color...), but it also included buckwheat noodles, Chinese Leaves (aka Napa Cabbage), and wafer-thin sliced pork. Additional flavourings were onion, garlic, galangal, Spring Onion and chilli. Let me assure you, this soup was wonderful!
This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres.

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