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Harvest Monday - 18 May 2015

By Mwillis
Well, cold, wet and windy weather we had at the beginning of last week has not suited many of the veggies, but there are some things that enjoy rain:
Harvest Monday - 18 May 2015
I think that rain at Asparagus harvest time is a good thing. Last year I made a big effort to water the Asparagus generously during May, and it really paid off: I had probably the best harvest I have ever had. This year, Nature is doing the task for me.
Harvest Monday - 18 May 2015
We ate that particular batch of Asparagus really simply - as a Starter, steamed until tender and served with just butter and home-made bread. That way you can really appreciate the flavor of the vegetable.
Harvest Monday - 18 May 2015
Radishes of course also like lots of moisture, so they have been doing OK as well. I sowed 3 different varieties on the same day and fortunately they are growing at different rates. These are the first ones to mature. They are "Cherry Belle". Coming along behind I have "Sparkler" and "Saxa".
There wasn't much else to harvest this week - if you ignore the herbs, that is. We have consumed copious quantities of Parsley and Mint, as well as a bit of Rosemary and Thyme. In fact there is hardly a day that goes by without some herbs from the garden being added to our food.
This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne's Dandelions. Maybe some other contributors can tell us about some rather more ambitious harvests...?

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