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Harvest Monday - 16th Feb 2015

By Mwillis
Well, I have no Brussels Sprouts to show off this week, for the first time in many weeks. And you have probably read my post about Parsnips on Friday.

Harvest Monday - 16th Feb 2015

Part of the 1.2kgs harvest of "Duchess" Parsnips

So I don't have much more to show off this time. I did pick another batch of Landcress to boost-up a salad of (shop-bought) lettuce:
Harvest Monday - 16th Feb 2015

The Landcress is looking much happier since I protected it with cloches, by the way. Prior to that it was just surviving.
These little Celery Leaf plants, grown in a plastic box on a windowsill, also got snipped into the same salad:
Harvest Monday - 16th Feb 2015

Their diminutive size might make them seem an insignificant salad ingredient, but their powerful flavor makes up for it in no uncertain terms.
The first of the PSB is just about ready. Maybe next week or the week after...

Harvest Monday - 16th Feb 2015

PSB "Rudolph"

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