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Harry Potter-The End...

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita
I just watched the last ‘Harry Potter’ movie. My mind is in a fog and my stomach hurts. (I think it was the sucky popcorn with butter flavored slime they poured all over it.) If you haven’t seen the last HP, please stop reading now! And YES, it was the best ‘Harry Potter’ movie EVER! I haven’t felt this emotional since the last episode of ‘LOST’.
We didn’t see the 3-D movie. I hate those anymore. The glasses give me headaches and 3-D doesn’t look great in the darker movies.  2-D was just fine thank you. I am still in awe of Daniel Radcliffe. We have watched all of them grow up but Daniel turned out to be a real looker. That didn’t sound cougarish did it? Anyway, these characters stayed true to their rolls through every movie.  They all did the last movie proud. Turns out Draco wasn’t such bad kid. Snape was a hero of sorts and I don’t really care if Dumbledore was gay or not. I am glad Harry and Ginny fell in love but I really wanted Hermonie to end up with Harry in the end, but I can live with how it turned out.  Bellatrix is my favorite bad witch and Luna was my favorite blonde chick. The folks doing the casting did an awesome job.
Harry was a great character. He was always looking for the place he fit in, friends he could trust and justice to be served, even if it meant giving up his own life. Kinda like middle school huh? I am so sad these movies have come to an end but it is an ending I can live with. Who knows, maybe J.K. Rowling will create more movies based on Harry’s kids? Nah.
J.K. Rowling started writing these books while she was on welfare. Look at her now. More than working hard and finding an awesome life for herself and her family, she taught a whole generation that it was fun to read. We need more J.K. Rowlings out there….Goodbye Harry, Hermione and Ron. Petrificus Totalus”  Harry Potter-The End...

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