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Harry Potter Re-reads

By Lucybirdbooks @lucybirdbooks

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you may have noticed that I’ve been re-reading the Potter books.

After each book I have done a ‘thoughts on re-reading’ post on facebook. I thought I would post them all here, with the photots I posted to twitter.

This post contains spoilers

Philosopher’s Stone

1) a lot happens for such a short book

2) chapter 1 is so Rowling… it’s the best way to see her style… and be able to tell Galbraith is her

3) Reading PS with a knowledge of what happens later is heart wrenching

3a) and in light of that Dumbledore is the stupidest genius

4) Considering Harry’s link to Voldy do his dreams in PS mean now than it seems? They are described in surprising detail

5) Hermione really keeps her promises

6) I should have started this re-read as soon as I first had wanted to

7) Why did Harry’s scar hurt at the welcome feast? Voldy wasn’t attached to Quirrell then and Harry didn’t get the same affect from shaking Quirrell’s hand

8) Chamber of Secrets next… my joint favorite

Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter re-reads

I’m Sure I remember writing thoughts for Chamber of Secrets, but I can’t seem to find them

Harry Potter re-reads

For some reason I can’t imagine Harry clutching a mop without seeing him laughing


Prisoner of Azkaban

1 ) you know what POA might be my least favorite *cue cries of horror* I know it is important plot wise but it doesn’t seem to add much. Not that I don’t still love it

2) Lupin oh Lupin what happened?

2a) Only kidding… still can’t help loving you even after the fiascos of Deathly Hallows
2b) and you are more attractive than David Thewlis

Harry Potter re-reads

The introduction of Lupin

3) If Lupin isn’t gay Sirius has to be

4) Whatever happened to Penelope?

5) ugh, Snape

6) The way Pettigrew pays back his debt to Harry is rubbish

7) Did Lupin really think Sirius being an animagus wasn’t something people needed to know?

8) Why was Sirius so insistent on killing Peter? He was the easiest way to show proof of Sirius’ innocence

Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter re-reads

So of course Harry gets it

1) How many girls actually are there in Hogwarts? It seems there are more boys

2) If the Patel twins are the hottest in the year why didn’t they get dates sooner?

3) This one took me longer this time, not sure why.

4) Charlie is the most underated Weasley. He works with dragons, that’s hot.

5) Harry is a real idiot sometimes

Harry Potter re-reads

Touching an unknown magical substance with your finger is dangerous, but obviously touching it with your wand will be ok

6) as is Ron (but that is a major characteristic of him)

7) If Barty Crouch Jr was a deatheater why did he teach kids how to fight the Imperius curse?
7a) yeah, yeah, I know it’s what Moody would have done

8) How would anyone ever be able to complete the triwizard tournament without cheating. I mean how do you just know how to get past a dragon? Who would think to open an egg under water? The only vaguely possible task to complete without cheating is the last.

9) I really do like Hermione

10) Why did the films give do much Dobby material to Neville? It would have made Harry’s life easier if Neville knew his problem with breathing underwater

Order of the Phoenix

1) I really enjoyed it this time for some reason

2) I am still in denial about Sirius’ death

3) If I could ask JK anything it would probably be about the veil

4) Luna is awesome…There should be more Luna
4a) I’m convinced she had a thing for Ron

5) Umbridge is the worst. I actually hate her more than Voldy
5b) And it really irritates me that I can’t see Harry getting angry at her without seeing Daniel Radcliffe’s awful emotionless acting

6) The best fighting scenes are in this book

7) why is it that we know Fred and George passed a handful of OWLs when school finishes in GOF but the trio have to wait for the holidays?

8) We never really do find out when James stops being an ass

9) The DA. Yay!

10) Harry, it is time I told you everything… except that you’re a horcrux, because, you know, that’s not important…

Harry Potter re-reads

When you know what it really means this moment is so sad

11) It’s actually quite surprising Harry isn’t all emo before now

Half-Blood Prince

1) My favorite along with Chamber of Secrets

2) oh the feels! Snape kills Dumbledore! Hogwarts might close

3) I think I have finally accepted the Harry and Ginny thing. It was always just too expected, I wanted a coupling which wasn’t so set out from the start

4) Voldy is 1 evil dude

5) I never got why they didn’t just try spilling the green potion. It probably wouldn’t have worked, but you know they didn’t even try

6) How do you actually learn to fight like Dumbledore? Harry really doesn’t seem equipped to fight Voldy

7) Here goes Harry being noble and stupid again. Does he really think Voldy wouldn’t use Ginny just because they spilt up?

8) Harry also doesn’t seem to be very equipped for finding other horcruxes, or destroying them. Couldn’t Dumbledore just have told him there are 7 horcruxes, here’s how you destroy them,and here are some awesome spells so you can actually defeat Voldy?

9) If Snape is the half-blood prince then why doesn’t Harry do better in potion lessons prior to this book? Does Snape just not teach the best method?

10) Luna is the best commentator

11) So close to getting another Horcrux

Deathly Hallows

1) Whilst not my favorite Potter this has probably been my best re-read. I felt almost as hooked as first time round (although without having to read a bit if I awoke during the night). Probably because I haven’t read it as much so there were bits I had forgotten, or at least don’t know off by heart.

2) Lupin is such an idiot in this book, but still understandably so.

3) If Harry’s cloak is THE cloak of invisibility why can Moody see through it?

4) All the tears

5) I still don’t 100% get why Harry doesn’t die

6) Neither do I think Snape is a big hero. He may not be a villan as such, but I don’t think his motives are completely good either

7) The epilogue still disappoints me

8) Dumbledore is totally channeling Stephen Fry in ‘King’s Cross’
8a) and he is rather shady

9) I can’t believe my re-read is over

Harry Potter re-reads
Harry Potter re-reads
Harry Potter re-reads
Harry Potter re-reads
Harry Potter re-reads
Harry Potter re-reads

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