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Happy Valentines Day – DIY a Stitched Card for Your Valentine

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy


Valentine’s Day always creeps up on me, and I never get a chance to get my husband a card in advance, so I can often been spotted making something myself the day before. But it’s not just my forgetfulness that means my hubby has to settle for a hand-made card each year: it IS lovely to give something that you’ve spent a bit of time making yourself and this card design could be adapted for mother’s or father’s day and birthdays too. Seeing as I have already given hubby his card this morning, I think I’m now safe to share the photos with you all


valentines day craft sewing card with stitched lettering and heart motif

You will need: card, small scraps of fabric, thread, needle, double-sided tape, scissors, craft knife

1. Cut a piece of card that is double the size of the card that you want, then fold in half and set aside.

2. Cut a piece of fabric for the background – a little smaller on all sizes that the front of your card.

3. Cut out a design for the center of your card – I’ve used gold silk to cut out a heart shape (because my hubby has a ‘heart of gold’!)

valentines day stitched card DIY tutorial amazing husband sewing

4. Pin the heart to the center of the fabric rectangle and stitch together – I used a machine to stitch around the heart a few times for a rustic effect but you could just as easily hand-stitch it on.

5. Use a thicker thread and stitch your chosen message onto the fabric.

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