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Happy Thanksgiving! Richie Rich Pilgrim Doll Posted

Posted on the 19 November 2017 by Hmcurator
Richie Rich Pilgrim doll front view

While discovering that I had failed to acknowledge Local Comic Shop Day last year, I noticed that I had also never shared what is still the only Thanksgiving-related item in the permanent collection.

Today’s exhibit is a very cute doll of Richie Rich carrying a basket with a huge ear of corn and an equally huge carrot. I consider this a Thanksgiving-related item, and not just Richie showing off some of Professor Keenbean’s GMO experiments, because Richie is wearing a Pilgrim hat, or capotain. You cannot see it in the pictures, but there is a belt with a buckle around the hat that matches the one around his waist.

Unfortunately, much like the Joker doll from the previous exhibit, Pilgrim Richie has no tags, and so there is essentially no information about him. If anyone has any information about this doll, please leave a comment below or use the Contact the Curator form. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Richie Rich Pilgrim doll

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