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Happy Thanksgiving!

By Kina_lillet
Happy Thanksgiving!I hope you all are having a marvelous Thanksgiving! This was always one of the most memorable holidays growing up as a child in my grandmother's house. Each Thanksgiving, my entire family would meet at my grandmother's house to, well... eat. The amount of food that was brought into that house could feed an army. Yet my grandmother, her seven children, their children and one or two great-grand managed to finish it all by the next morning (unlike Christmas dinners where leftovers could last for weeks).
However, Thanksgiving has become much more to me than just "turkey time". Despite preaching of the importance of this holiday throughout the years (which went in one my little ear and out the next), I don't think I've ever realized the significance of today until I rolled out of bed this morning. I'm not sure if it was the recent moving away of a woman I admire deeply, the temporary absence of him or simply, the grace of God that lead me to the realization that I have everything to be thankful for. 
How significant is this holiday to you? Is it just "that time of year" for you, or do you take the time to re-evaluate your life and recognize the things that you simple can not live without?
Happy Thanksgiving, guys!xo

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