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Happy New Month: Films of November 2011

Posted on the 02 December 2011 by Limette @Limette9
I am able to announce at this point, that the list of my top 100 favorite films has been created by now. All I need to do is write a few words on each of the films.
Moving on to the films I've seen this month...
Seen for the first time:

Männer ticken, Frauen anders (2011, TV) Rolf Silber - Germany
(= It's hard to translate, sorry...)
So boring, I turned it off after 15 minutes. It sounded good.
Rating: 1.5
Happy New Month: Films of November 2011
Den kroniske uskyld (1985) Edward Fleming - Denmark(= "Chronical Innocence")I can't believe they made such a disappointing film from that book... One of the main actors seemed as if he had never acted before, the music was terrible and important parts were left out. The book is a Danish must-read from the sixties.Rating: 2.8
Konferenz der Tiere (2010) Reihard Klooss & Holger Tappe - Germany(= "Conference of the animals")I didn't completely dislike this film, there were some funny ideas in it, but in the end it didn't really have a soul. Plus I've read that there were quite a few factual errors in it, for example the kangaroo in the film is a male, even though it has a pouch.Rating: 3.6
L'arnacoeur (2010) Pascal Chaumeil - France("Heartbreaker")Finally another fresh and different romantic comedy. Vanessa Paradis is a better actress than I'd thought and Romain Duris was the perfect cast for the Heartbreaker. And due to my passion for DIRTY DANCING, how could I not like this film?Rating: 7.3
Doli Saja Ke Rakhna (1998) Priyadarshan - India(quote from a famous Hindi film song)An Indian shopkeeper from Hamburg recommended this to me, he said it's the best love story ever. I won't visit that shop again (also, I have the feeling I incidentally bought some pirate copies there...).It was boring to bits, the only interesting parts where the few flirt scenes, everything else was filled with unnecessary, predictable family drama.I didn't finish the film.Rating: 1.3
Barn af Irak (2011) Ala'a Mohsen - Denmark("Child of Irak")A gripping debut documentary of a young son of refugees from Iraq, who returns to his "home country" to try to deal with his roots. Quite unpredictable. I would've like a more finished camera work though.
Rating: 7.0
Happy New Month: Films of November 2011
Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) Mike Leigh - UK
I was sure I was going to like this film, but me and the friend I watched it with were badly disappointed. It was funny to start with, but the main character Poppy grew more and more annoying.
Rating: 4.8

Endhiran (2010) S. Shankar - India
After the two Mani Ratnam films ROJA and BUMBAI, this wasn't the best Tamil film to watch next. Although I had read that it was overlong and incredibly exaggerated, many people also said it was fun. It wasn't, except for 1 or 2 minutes. I'm not proud of it, but I couldn't take more after 40 minutes. Sadly, this was my last Indian DVD, so until next year I'll have to stick with the legal youtube releases or re-watching.
Rating: 1.5

Gandhi, My Father (2007) Feroz Abbas Khan - India
I rented this one from the library, and it's true what the few people who have seen it say: it's a must-watch for people interested in India and Gandhi. Akshaye Khanna, not one of my favorite actors, delivers his possibly best performance ever, reminding me of Andy Garcia somehow. I knew nothing about Gandhi's children, so it was also historically interesting. The camera work is beautiful and there are a few scenes I thought about for a long time.
Rating: 7.7

Das Boot (1981) Wolfgang Petersen - Germany
("The Boat")
I'm glad I read about this in one of Jack's End of the Week Posts some weeks ago, it's apparently very famous as it has been dubbed English and is included in the 1001 book. And my parents had seen it, they say it was extremely famous when it released.
Even though there is just one single woman (a stripper or something) in it, this is now one of my favorite films. An amazing character study with a fabulous soundtrack.
Rating: 9.4

Happy New Month: Films of November 2011

Melancholia (2011) Lars von Trier - Denmark
Wow. I know you're all waiting for my opinion, but I'm having some trouble phrasing it. First of all, this is by far the best world's end film I've ever seen. Unlike other films of that kind who focus on the explosions and lowbrow drama, MELANCHOLIA was the first film that really came near to letting me feel what it would be like if the world was about to be destroyed. It is helpful that there are no large crowds of people concerning this, as the feelings are demonstrated perfectly by the two amazing leading actresses. Also the few special effects are mind-blowing, as I said you can feel what it would be like, it's almost real.
On the other hand it's a great film about depression that I could actually relate to. Not that I'm suffering from depression, but we all know that feeling - and it's also a wonderful film about two different sisters.
... The world gets absorbed in melancholia. What a beautiful yet sad thought. A melancholic thought.
Melancholia used to be my favorite word once, I read it somewhere but didn't know what it meant. I think I learned it from TITANIC.
Both the opening scene and particularly the ending scene are of an aesthetic and emotional perfection that almost makes you cry, and the more I think and write about it the more I realize that I love this film. I'll therefore rate it one point higher than originally intended.
By the way, I didn't write a full review because everyone else has already written one, and it's impossible to do without spoilers. I'm also sad I won't be able to include this in my Top 100 until next time I update it.
Rating: 9.4

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) Bill Condon - USA
As I've already written in several comments, I know that this film isn't of much cinematic value, but it's a good adoption of the book and in my eyes the best Twilight film yet. Even though the first one has a special charm because it was so new then, without all the hype.
Rating: 6.7

Senna (2010) Asif Kapadia - UK
Who would've thought that formula one is interesting? (Or that this Senna was so hot! - Sorry). One of the best documentaries and biographical films I've seen, this film lingered on me for a long time.
Rating: 7.9

Frühlings Erwachen (2009, TV) Nuran Calis - Germany
(= "The awakening of spring")
Not that I liked the play, but this modern interpretation had a lot of potential that it didn't use very well. I've also never liked Wilson Gonzales, obviously (the son of famous German actor Uwe Ochsenknecht).
Rating: 2.8

Rango (2011) Gore Verbinski - USA
What I said: "In a few years, few people will remember RANGO, for it's neither mainstream nor childish nor ingenious enough to fully satisfy anyone".
Rating: 6.85

Dogville (2003) Lars von Trier - Denmark
What I said: "... I might just as well tell you, how much I am in awe of this film, and how much I want you to watch it".
Rating: 9.8
Re-watched with the purpose of intense examination:
New Moon (2009) Chris Weitz - USAMaybe you remember that I re-watched TWILIGHT last month with my sister and my best friend? Well, we decided to re-watch all first three parts of the Saga to be all ready for the release of BREAKING DAWNNEW MOON is my least favorite film, but Kristen Stewart looks much more natural than in part 1 and 3.Rating: 4.9
Happy New Month: Films of November 2011
Eclipse (2010) David Slade - USANo wonder the quality of the films changes all the time with all these directors. ECLIPSE wasn't as good as I had remembered it... It was much more fun in cinema. I was quite bored, actually.Rating: 5.6

Scream 3 (2000) Wes Craven - USAWho ever decides to watch the third (not particularly good) part of a movie series at a DVD night?Rating: 5.0
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) Larry Charles - USAThat's more something I like. Honestly, BORAT was even better the second time - I'd never thought I would end up liking it that much.Rating: 8.2
I also watched the IMDB Top 50 shorts of last week this month, but I'll make a separate post on that soon.
Amount of films watched this month (excl. shorts): 20
Happy New Month: Films of November 2011

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