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Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

Posted on the 01 May 2012 by Limette @Limette9

There's no other way to say it - April was epic. Never since I started counting in January 2011, have I seen so many films in one month, and I'm sure I didn't see as many before I started counting.
So that's the first epic thing.
Second one is that I managed to top my blog stats once more, plus I almost reached 60,000 hits on the total count!
And I watched 12 films from the 1001 list, which is pretty cool too, I think.
Last but not least, most of the films that I saw were really good, and I even managed to re-watch a few darlings. But read for yourself...
(And in case you haven't already, check out my updated 100 Favourite Films list).

Watched for the very first time:

A Wednesday! (2008) Neeraj Pandey - India | review
A surprisingly realistic and not religiously motivated film about terrorism with a superb performance by Naseeruddin Shah.
Rating: 8.6

All About Eve (1950) Joseph L. Mankiewicz - USA
I was truly taken aback by the turning point... Otherwise, who wouldn't fall for some old school Hollywood glamour?
Rating: 8.4

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012
Amores Perros (2000) Alejandro González Iñárritu - Mexico
Been waiting to watch this film ever since I first heard of it - this director is starting to become one of my favourites (despite his exotic name). Wanted to write a review, but somehow I couldn't. Anyhow, this could soon make its way into my favorite list.
Rating: 9.4

Antardwand ["Inner Conflict] (2010) Sushil Rajpal - India reviewed for ISHQ-magazine
One of the cool things about writing for a magazine is that you get to see movies you had never heard of before. This National Award winner treats an interesting problem - bridegroom abduction, crazy as it sounds - and has a really great newcomer actress in the lead.
Rating: 8.1
Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl (1919) D.W. Griffith - USA
Though this is the best Griffith film I've seen until now, I just can't get myself to like that man, or rather his films. There's something artificial and pretentious about them, in my opinion.
Rating: 7.2

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari [Int. Title: "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"] (1920) Robert Wiene - Germany
Me and the silent films... my initial excitement after seeing Sunrise soon faded away... I know I sound like people think teenagers sound, but silent films were just so boring! At least most of the ones I've seen.
Rating: 6.9

De røde heste ["The red horses"] (1968) Annelise Meineche - Denmark
There are good danish oldies, and there are bad ones. This one belongs to the latter kind.
Rating: 3.4
De Taali ["Clap your hands"] (2008) Eeshwar Nivas - India
Can't believe people would actually like this. Apart from a few fresh ideas, it's very mainstream, too long and too childish.
Rating: 5.8

Der blaue Engel [Int. Title: "The blue Angel"] (1930) Joseph von Sternberg - Germany
As I said: boooooooooooring. Yep.
Rating: 5.0

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012
Drive (2011) Nicolas Winding Refn - USA | review
Now this is what a good film looks like. I mean, an awesome film.
Rating: 9.4

Ekk Deewana Tha ["Once upon a time, there was a mad boy"] (2012) Gautham Menon - India | reviewed for ISHQ-magazine
A little better than I had expected, especially Amy Jackson. But predictable and not really special in the end.
Rating: 7.0
Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) Michael Moore - USA
Oh, how I love documentaries like this one... Might be that they're slightly manipulating, but if you're able to watch them with a critical eye, you'll surely learn a lot.
Rating: 8.5
Happy New Month: Films of April 2012
Fashion (2008) Madhur Bhandarkar - India
Priyanka Chopra isn't the greatest Indian actress of all time, but she does do her best and I think there's a lot of potential of hers that hasn't been fully used yet. The best Bhandarkar film I've seen yet, might be because I'm a sucker for fashion and style. But it seemed very realistic to be honest.
Rating: 8.0

Hævnen ["The Revenge", Int. Title: "In A Better World"] (2010) Susanne Bier - Denmark
Slightly disappointing, maybe my expectations were too high. I mean, there are many better danish films, especially from Susanne Bier. Not that it was bad. Just a little... forgettable.
Rating: 7.4

Inland Empire (2006) David Lynch - USA/ France/ Poland
My first David Lynch film... lived up to my expectations, I guess. It was confusing and mysterious, which I love, and there was some great humor to it. Not really scary though.
Rating: 8.2

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

La Dolce Vita (1960) Frederico Fellini - Italy/ France
Very interesting! I liked that there was no real story, yet it was intriguing... I especially liked Anita Ekberg.
Rating: 8.5

Paranormal Activity (2007) Oren Peli - USA
And this is supposed to be one of the scariest horror movies ever? Come on, it had like one or two frightening scenes, but that's all. I'm looking forward to seeing the sequels though, they're supposed to be better.
Rating: 7.3

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

Quills (2000) Philip Kaufman - UK/ USA/ Germany
I was surprised by how much I liked this one, I mean it's not a movie I'd ever heard of before, not even in my research for my Heavenly Creature post on Kate Winslet. Loved the humor and the performances... actually the film was perfect in many ways.
Rating: 8.6

Rebecca (1940) Alfred Hitchcock - USA | review
Undeservedly one of Hitchcock's most famous. I liked the mysterious parts, but both leads were very stiff, as were their characters. Judith Anderson was great though.
Rating: 7.2

Rebel Without A Cause (1955) Nicholas Ray - USA
Finally saw it! My first James Dean film... Well, he didn't let me down. In fact he wasn't just as good looking as one the pictures I had seen, but a much better actor than I had expected. Rebellious, but so very fragile. Of course you know that you have to see this movie if you haven't already...
Rating: 8.4

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

Shadow of a Doubt (1943) Alfred Hitchcock - USA
I had read a lot about it in the book "Film Art" (which I've been trying to finish for ages), so it was wonderful to finally see it. There's much cinematic value in it, certainly, and it was very suspenseful. My second favorite Hitchcock film after Psycho.
Rating: 8.2

The Great Global Warming Swindle (TV, 2007) Martin Durkin - UK
Had to watch it in school... well, there were some confusing parts, but on a whole I liked that it questioned some of the things no one seems to question anymore.
Rating: 7.3

The Hunger Games (2012) Gary Ross - USA
I haven't told you about my Hunger Games addiction yet, have I? Well, it started with me and some friends wanting to watch the movie, so I read the book quickly because I wanted to read it before seeing the film. Which was a great adaption and a good film, in my opinion. Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect choice for playing Katniss and most things were just the way I had imagined them, but most importantly, they worked in a cinematic way too. Can't wait to read the third book.
Rating: 8.0

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

The Iron Lady (2011) Phillyda Lloyd - UK
Whether better nor worse than I had expected. Meryl Streep was awesome as always, though as many others I had wished they'd focussed more on the younger Thatcher. Quite forgettable I guess.
Rating: 7.1

The Last of the Mohicans (1992) Michael Mann - USA
Entertaining, and my God, Daniel Day-Lewis looked so much better with long hair. Reminded my of Dancing With Wolves, except it was shorter... and not as good.
Rating: 7.1

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) Rob Cohen - USA/ China/ Germany
How can this be one of the most successful films of all time? It was horrific.
Rating: 3.4

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012
The Strangers (2008) Bryan Bertino - USA
Typical horror movie - first half was scary, second half was boring. What has become of Liv Tyler?
Rating: 6.4

The Virgin Suicides (1999) Sofia Coppola - USA | review
The perfect cult classic teenage film. I wish I could... transform it into a blanket and hug it.
Rating: 9.1

There Will Be Blood (2007) Paul Thomas Anderson - USA
Impressive and... epic. Beautiful, even. Though there were no female characters. Couldn't make myself write a review though.
Rating: 8.6

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

Transamerica (2005) Duncan Tucker - USA
Such a sweet indie gem - Felicity Huffman ist excellent, I wish she would make more movies!
Rating: 8.5

Re-watched with the purpose of intense examination:

Black Swan (2010) Darren Aronofsky - USA
Been wanting to re-watch this one since I stepped out of the cinema, and it was so worth it. Certainly not the last time I watched it.
Rating: 9.0

Crocodile Dundee II (1968) John Cornell - Australia/ USA
I just can't believe the people who freak out when they hear the second part of Crocodile Dundee is on TV tonight.
Rating: 6.0

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) Chris Columbus - UK/ USA | related post
So many things I had forgotten... I almost cried when I realized (once again) that it's all over.
Rating: 8.4 (objectively)

Singin' in the Rain (1952) Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly - USA
So glad I bought this one on DVD, it never get's old really... they always get me when the dancing begins.
Rating: 8.4

The Land Before Time (1988) Don Bluth - USA/ Ireland
We had to watch some film in French class, so we chose this one and guess what? Never has my class been so calm and quiet and glued to the screen at a film that we watched in class. Guess we're all still kids after all.
Rating: 7.5

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

The Little Mermaid (1989) Ron Clements & John Musker - USA
Took me about half a year to trace down a danish DVD copy of this one, because my family and I were dying to re-watch our favorite film after all those years. What can I say? Disney magic at it's very best.
Rating: 10.0

Amount of films watched this month: 36 (!)
Average rating: 7.6

Happy New Month: Films of April 2012

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