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Happy Lover’s Day!

By Thedreamery

Oh Valentine’s Day…the day for lovers and non lovers, the singles and couples, and for those who just can’t quite explain it, a day to just be bitter. I don’t typically favor this day, no I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater, just haven’t really gotten into the spirit of it…I guess I can enjoy it more this time around since I can say I have a Valentine ;) Well, these beautiful images evoke love and happiness and make it easier to get into the spirit of the day. Whatever your plans are for this day, I hope you feel love and find beauty in the things and people around you…ee0e30be9d12ece2f27042e86ab8ac207aa0e6d90b8ebc03282c9125e3b705580cd3a4f340c79b57fd6d431cafd2e95b3b0c9377cdc1eabf8bfbe72c97c92ae232a4abae315b1723bad7de98a96caddb4caf0eb88049ede5f6b4891a02ec8f28c909df6f91cc1c155d7913a33c7dd6019f7980b969a0ea8d0d7b751f23c79d92974a3def32fbb5d654101ab696c8c7364ffc1bb870298af22d0c8de66de3e38b454cac15adedb4865fb47fb1d2812072


Happy Lover’s Day!

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