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Happy Love Day

By Nfldratheart @nfldratheart
Happy Love Day  Some things change, and some stay the same. I have never been a big Valentine's Day celebrator, but sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the dinner and chocolates traditions. I like the idea of spending time with the one(s) you love, and sharing some chocolate is always a bonus in my eyes, but why does it have to be so commercial? This year Reggie and I decided to do nothing. He picked up something for dinner so there would be no cooking and minimal cleaning, we shared some sweets, and we are just enjoying some time together. 
Simple. Peaceful. Loving.
It really is all I could ask for. I hope your day has been as lovely as you wished for and you are spending some time with the one you love :)
xox Happy Love Day
PS Have you noticed the new look? I looove it! More on that soon :)

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