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Happy Kids Equal a Safe Road Trip

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Happy Kids Equal a Safe Road Trip

Road trips with noisy, unhappy kids are not only annoying but distracting. When you’re distracted while driving, you’re more likely to be involved in a traffic collision. Traffic collisions, in turn, will raise your car insurance premiums which is something no one wants. Here are some tips to keeping your kids happy in the car:


1. Let Them See You

Young children are happier in the backseat when they can easily see you. While this can’t happen with a child in a rear-facing child seat, you can ensure that your older child is able to see you. Front-facing children placed in the back passenger seat are better able to see you, even if it’s just your profile. Try to make eye contact with your child in the rear-view mirror periodically.


2. Praise

Children love to be praised. Tell your child how appreciative you are of their good behavior several times during your trip. If, for instance, your child is quietly sitting still in their car seat, praise them with “I like how quite you’re being in the car today; it makes mommy happy”. Any time your child exhibits a behavior that is suitable for a road trip, be sure to tell them so!


3. Snacks

A child with a snack is less likely to act up in the back seat. Pack along cheese cubes, Cheerios, sliced apples or even crackers. Make sure you also bring along bottled water or juice boxes to prevent cries of “I’m thirsty!” Packing snacks will also lessen the chance of your child begging for McDonald’s every time they see the yellow arches through their window.


4. Entertainment

Bring along books on tape, a favorite movie and portable DVD player or even hand-held games for older children. Be sure to pack headphones or, at the very least, keep the volume low, so that you aren’t distracted while you drive. DVD players should be positioned in the back seat so that you aren’t tempted to watch along with your children!


5. Coloring Books

Children of all ages love to color. Bring along a few coloring books and a box of crayons. If you’re worried about the mess on your back seat, try the Crayola line of “Color Wonder” markers and papers. The markers only work on the special paper and won’t mark your seats, or your child’s seat, if dropped.


Keeping these tips in mind should certainly help you keep your mind next time you’re behind the wheel with a car full of kids.


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