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Happy International Women's Day

By Sayantanigd
Hello Ladies,

I know it's a bit late but still Wishing all of you a Very Very Happy Women's Day. Well, I am not much of a special Day obsessive. For me Women are to be celebrated everyday as they are very very special . Women across the world each day go through 'N' number of challenges and prove their excellence. It's beyond understandable how much a Woman does in a single day. She prepares her family, nurses her kids, takes care of the house, cooks , ceans, works part time or full time jobs too. 
Happy International Women's Day
I have been brought up in a household where my Dad is the only Male member. In today's society women have been officially given equal status but alas!! It's not at all a truth. Each day more and more women are violated physically and mentally. No single day or a single pledge on a day can improve Women's status. Women must stand up together and fight for their rights. Oh! I know these are words you have seen many times before. 

Women play so many roles from their Birth, from someone’s daughter, to someone's sister, someone's friend, someone's wife, someone's mother and many many more. We women are laughed at for we are emotional (That's how we were Engineered! Duh!!) We stress too much, we are obsessive, we are crazy ...But at the end of the Day all we want is a little bit of peace and Love. 

Happy International Women's Day
While many women like us find peace there are hundreds who face so many ordeals every day. I urge all members of our society to stand up for Women. No single man can create a change in the society, it's us who can. 

I urge all of you reading this article to donate small amounts to the Welfare of the Women of India. I along with my Dad have from the year 2000 been donating small amounts to CRY for the education of underprivileged children as well as Help Age India for the Elderly. 

I hope all of you have celebrated this day by doing something for this change. Happy Women's Day Ladies. !!! May you become stronger and Self-sufficient and make your mark in the Society. 
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