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Happy Father's Day to the Super Awesome and Special Dads out There

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
Today is Father's Day.
Hopefully you were awakened by screaming, jumping on your head, poking your eyes and nose, able to sleep in and enjoy a restful morning.  OR, your youngest child can kick the wipes warming onto the floor causing you to jump out of bed and come running because you thought someone got hurt (look how awesome you are, so caring), but this is just a suggestion.
You received your hand made gifts from your children, and smiled widely immediately becoming jealous of the Mother's Day gifts your wife got appreciating your children and their happiness to celebrate you and all the wonderful things you do.
1. Picking up the gravy container and packing it for your 10 mnth olds lunch.  - To be fair, they were packed in similar looking dishes and not labeled.  Obviously this was my fault.
2. Wrap the baby in a blanket instead of putting on his winter coat because "the coat makes the car seat stripes too tight".  I got nothing for this one.
3. Dress the boys without concern for matching even though everything in the closet is already paired up in outfits to make it easy.
But never mind all that stuff, what matters is
Every morning you get the baby together and make sure he has the best morning before he gets dropped off at the babysitter (another great Dad).
Every day you come home and no matter what kind of day you had, you always show us you are glad to be home to spend time with us.
You give the boys the noogling, mashing, tossing, wrestling, good time they need.
You let me run off and do my own thing when I need to and are super supportive.
To my partner in crime, we've got a ways to go.  Let's keep chipping away at these boys so one day we can release them upon society, then we can blow this joint and escape to Costa Rica.
Happy Father's Day to the Super Awesome and Special Dads out There
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What about the Dad's in your life, what makes them super special and awesome and stuff?

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