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Happy Fall!

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
Happy fall! Happy fall! Here's the thing about fall: fall means winter, winter means death. I've been totally jaded by living in a northern country and I admit to not loving this season as much. When the winter is the majority of the year, it just happens. And it's seemed to come early to Utah this year too where I presently sit looking at snowy mountains. Yuck.
BUT, how can you despise this time of year when Mother Nature produces such amazing colors and things like squash and pumpkins. I MIGHT already have 8 sitting in my flower beds right now. AND I might even be stoked about some trips into the canyon soon to see all the amazing colors. I took these pictures at a neighbor's house who is selling these pumpkins FROM THEIR YARD. Is that not the coolest? Man, growing up in California you only green grass and gate gards in people's yards. Cheers to a lovely season!
Have delightful weekend. I'll probably wash my hair or something. AND perhaps go to the Sundance fall festival. Ye haw!

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