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Happy Diwali!

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge

Festive season is back! This time Diwali is celebrated with so much fun but something is amiss think. It's not as good as the previous years. Moreover, the celebration is declining year by year. Maybe this could be due to increasing awareness about the pollution crackers make or maybe because of soaring prices of everything.
Eons ago when Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya after his fourteen years of exile and most importantly his victory over Lanka's king Raavan, all the people of the clan celebrated his arrival with diyas and crackers. Of course why wouldn't they? Their king had arrived after a so so long time!
After so many years, todaywe also celebrate the day with the festival called as Diwali. We also enlighten our homes with diyas, candles, crackers. But something is not present today which is somewhere we have forgotten the true meaning of this festival. We use this day to socialize, exchange gifts etcetra etcetra.
Bollywood is struggling for the two films wondering which one will be the box office hit of this diwali 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' or 'Son of Sardaar' Busy in promotions, advertisements of the film(s). We do the expenditure on crackers which cause no benefit but instead is a trouble for the people suffering from breathing problems. They also cause injuries for which most of the hospitals are crowded on this day.
Basically it should be according to my opinion celebrated by lighting candles, diyas. the homes should be decorated as well. The gifts exchanging part is also acceptable as during this time people socialize and come closer to each other which is not seen in the entire year. As far as the crackers part is concerned, small crackers like pencils, fuljhadis etc can be lit as they don't cause much of an irritation to the people though pollution is caused by them but lighting in small amounts may not cause much of a problem.
Burning of bombs causes lot of noise which may lead to permanent hear loss also which will haunt them to a large extent that they will fear celebrating diwali in future. Also it will be very irritating for the pets. Believe me this period is the most traumatizing for the animals. We get treated in the hospitals but these poor animals succumb to their injuries!   Please if you still wish to burn them, please burn them after knowing that it's an open space with no animals around. Festivals are meant to spread love and happiness but not the pain!
So let's make this diwali an environment friendly and safe festival. :)
Have a look the festival is around Don't you let the sadness  surround 
Don't forget to play it safe, protect yourself You know that you are human, not an elf
I promise that on this day I will forget all fights I invite you all to celebrate the festival of lights! 
 Enjoy on this day leaving behind all your regrets, grudges. Spread love, happiness and most importantly take care!

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