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Happy Birthday to My Husband

By Myjoneses
Happy Birthday to My HusbandTuesday September 13th will be my husband’s 35th birthday. 
Happy Birthday to My HusbandI picked out this card for him that reads: To My Husband, for all we share.  Little jokes, to-do lists, busy times, hopes and dreams.  I love you- and I love sharing all the everyday moments that make our life together so incredible.  Happy Birthday to the one I love so much.  
Happy Birthday to My HusbandCouldn't have said it better, but I still have to try:I love you not only for the special moments we’ve shared but for the everyday, moments we have.  I love you for the little notes you leave me at 3 in the morning as you leave for work, for plugging in my phone because you know its always about to die.  I love you for holding my hand in public just because, and for going grocery shopping with me because it means we get to spend some time together.  
Happy Birthday to My HusbandI love you because you spent every free day you had this summer to paint our entire house and build new stairs.  I love you because you’ve found the courage to follow your dream and are doing something you love.  
Happy Birthday to My HusbandI love you because no matter how much time you have you always offer to help someone out.  I love you because you never ask too many questions when you come home to find our dining room table full of crafts or our two boys covered in paint making art on the kitchen floor.  
Happy Birthday to My HusbandI love you because we made two wonderful little boys together that we get to watch turn into handsome men.  I love you because you tell me I'm beautiful.  I love you because you are an amazing, thoughtful, kind man and I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else....through the good times and bad- we're in it.  Happy Birthday my love, hoping you have a fabulous day!Happy Birthday to My HusbandSubscribe in a reader

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