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Happy Birthday, Sir Edward Elgar!

By Clarineticus @Clarineticus

Salut d'Amour for violin and piano, Op. 12 (1888), arranged for clarinet, viola and piano by Trio Poetico:
Masaki Shirako, clarinet
Ayako Goto, viola
Sachio Yoshida, piano
Sir Edward Elgar (2 June 1857 – 3 February 1934) wrote Salut d'Amour (originally "Liebesgruss", "Love's Greeting") for his fiancee, Caroline Alice Roberts. The work was presented to her as a gift, in return for the following poem.


And the wind, the wind went out to meet with the sun
At the dawn when the night was done,
And he racked the clouds in lofty disdain
As they flocked in his airy train.
And the earth was grey, and gray was the sky,
In the hour when the stars must die;
And the moon had fled with her sad, wan light,
For her kingdom was gone with night.
Then the sun upleapt in might and in power,
And the worlds woke to hail the hour,
And the sea stream’d red from the kiss of his brow,
There was glory and light enow.
To his tawny mane and tangle of flush
Leapt the wind with a blast and a rush;
In his strength unseen, in triumph upborne,
Rode he out to meet with the morn!

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