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Happy Birthday Kid! - Gift Ideas

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
Hello buddies! Hope you all are doing great.I have been juggling with writing, shopping and attending a lot of marriages and birthday parties these days. There are a few thing one should keep in mind while choosing an appropriate gift, especially when it comes to kids. The gift should be useful, interesting, not harmful to the child etc. So I have been finding solace in online shopping and unraveling my dilemma.
I have to attend three birthday parties this week. All the kiddos are between 1-5 years of age. So I've been thinking and came up with these gift ideas!
Happy birthday kid! - Gift ideas
The one year old baby will not be able to make much out of his gift. So I think I should gift something  that is relevant to the baby and helpful to his Mum. A set of branded health care products like medicine dropper, baby nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, thermometer; other baby stuff like baby pillows and pacifiers can be an excellent gift. Health care company like 'Chicco' are one of the leading producers of baby things.
Happy birthday kid! - Gift ideas
The other kid is a little older. She loves playing with soft toys. So I'm planning to give her a big birthday teddy to add to her existing collection.
Happy birthday kid! - Gift ideas
And for the naughty older guy who's five years old I'm planning to buy a nice trendy bicycle. Again I'm going to shop from one one the online bicycle shops. So this is what I've planned, buying baby stuff online!
Do share your gift idea for kids. J

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