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Happy Birthday Jaxon!

By Megthamama
Dear Little Love Bug-

Today you are 3. 

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

It's amazing to see how much you have grown over the past 3 years. Your personality is truly hilarious and you can negotiate like non-other. 

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Things I don't want to forget about this age:

- When you say the blessing, here's your rendition:

     "God our Faader, God our Faader
       We spank you, we spank you
        For our missin' blessings, for our missin' blessings
       Aahhhhmen, Aahhhhmen"

- You are certainly a conditioned child. 

   When we go to the bank, you ask the teller for a sucker. 

    Every. Single. Time. 

    If I just go to the ATM, you sometimes lose your mind because you realize you are not getting a sucker. Then, I have to circle around the bank and go through the drive through ask for a sucker for you. Then, you ask for a blue one and they NEVER EVER have blue ones. Ever. 

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

When you wake up in the morning, you generally tell me: "Mom. It's wake up time because the sun is up and moon is down" 

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

- You are predictable......which is certainly fine by me! 

   You will NOT jump in the pool or really just jump at all. Ever. You have never jumped. 

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Every morning, you wake up asking for your daddy. And every morning I tell you that he's at work. And then we try to Facetime him and if he doesn't answer, we have to call someone else so you can tell them: "if I tee tee in the potty, I get chocolate milk"

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

   Before I take a shower, I always tell you "Jaxon, don't do anything crazy while I'm in the shower."      EVERY SINGLE will come to the bathroom and tell me that you "have a really big crazy." 

- You are becoming aware of your surroundings and who you see. 

You are not afraid to point and yell that someone is a "stranger danger."

As I drive down the road, you will tell me that you see 100 green trees. 

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

If there's the slightest dark cloud in the sky, you predict that "a rain storm is coming!" 

- THANK THE are potty trained. 

Positive reinforcement really isn't your thing. The spanking stick really came to be your motivation. It was amazing how quickly you turned the corner. 

- You are VERY inquisitive. And sometimes I don't know the answers. So I make up stuff......because that's what a lot of parenthood is about. 

You like explanations and timelines. 

- Your favorite tv shows and movies are: The Wild Kratts, of course Paw Patrol, The Secret Life of Pets (which you call 'Cats and Dogs') and very low budget kid construction shows. 

- You meet friends where ever you go and you are hit or miss when it comes to traveling. You don't mind the car ride or the build up of where we are going to, but after 5-7 minutes, you ask if we can go back home. 

- You are becoming more and more vocal about having a baby brother or sister. A few weeks ago, in the busiest and worse traffic ever in Jackson, you told me that your baby sister died. 

I almost ran off the road. I tried to breathe in and out, just in and out.......and one more time.....breathe in and out. 

- I think I blogged every month of your first year of life stating "this age is the best age".....but I truly feel like this age is so much fun. Granted, it's HARD! You ask SO.MANY.QUESTIONS. and you need to be entertained at all times. ALL.OF.THE.TIME. 

Often times, in the middle of a toddler meltdown, H and I will often reminisce of a sweet little kitten baby that would just lay in his pack-n-play and look up at us and give a gummy grin. 

- Your new favorite past time is to drive your dune buggy around the neighborhood while your dad and I follow in the golf cart. Good parents would probably walk beside their kid driving a power wheels in a busy neighborhood.....but kid, you just exhaust us to much for all of that. 

Happy Birthday to the coolest kid we know! 

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