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Happy (belated) Birthday Nicolas Cage

By Xoxoxoe
Nicolas Cage just turned the big 5-0 the other day. What I like most about Cage is that his movies can be found on some of the best and worst movies of all time lists. Cage is an actor, and actors need to act. While some might say he doesn't always make the best choices, he is far from the only great actor who consistently turns up in crummy films (cough, Denzel, cough). He was undeniably great in Leaving Las Vegas, but it's not one of his flicks that I want to see multiple times. Here are ten, actually, eleven, of my favorite of his good (and bad) films.
The Croods (2013) Cage actually made me care about his caveman dad Grug in a movie that in every other way was pretty typical.

happy (belated) birthday nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage tries to connect the dots in Knowing

happy (belated) birthday nicolas cage

With Jessica Biel in Next

happy (belated) birthday nicolas cage

Looking for artifacts with Helen Mirren in National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Knowing (2009) This was a surprisingly engaging science fiction flick, with Cage trying to race against the end of the world to save his son.
Next (2007) I don't even remember what Cage and Jessica Biel were running away from or why Julianne Moore was giving them such a hard time, but I really enjoyed watching the two leads together - they should be teamed up more often.
National Treasure (2004) The National Treasure movies (a third one may be in the works) are completely goofy, fractured history action adventure films and I get a big kick out of them. So there.
Adaptation. (2002) Cage plays twins Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman in this wacky adaptation of Susan Orleans book The Orchid Thief. Cage is amazing and he is joined by Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper and Tilda Swinton. I've got to see this one again, soon.
The Family Man (2000) Nic Cage's version of a holiday/family film, so there's lots of angst and we're not sure exactly how we want things to end up for him in this modern riff on It's A Wonderful Life.
It Could Happen to You (1994) Is that Nicolas Cage playing a henpecked but sweet New York City cop who shares his lottery ticket with waitress Bridget Fonda? And of course they win? And he's married to Rosie Perez? I know it sounds crazy, but it works.
Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) Really silly, and just an excuse for Cage to trade barbs with the similarly uber-intense James Caan, which works for me.
Wild at Heart (1990) - Cage does an Elvis impersonation, inexplicably, throughout the entire film, but it's David Lynch, so inexplicable is de rigeur.
Moonstruck (1987) I love everything about this movie, and Cage's chemistry with Cher is palpable. His trademark two speeds, intense and intenser (via Roger Ebert) is on fine display here.
A Wolf Without a Foot Moonstruck — MOVIECLIPS.com

Raising Arizona (1987) Cage and Holly Hunter are amazing together in the Coen Brothers funny-as-it-ever-was farce.

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