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Happy Being You!

By Fiafox @SofiaEssen
Happy Being You!Did you ever consider that Being You is a wonderful thing? How often do you say to yourself, “I’m happy being me and I feel good about it”?I don’t know about you, but I find it interesting, even sad, that so many people go through life pretending to be something or someone they’re not. Some even go to almost extreme lengths to create an “identity” that will be acceptable to those around them. It’s impossible to play this false identity game indefinitely. You won’t be happy and people will eventually begin to wonder who you really are behind the mask.I know there are many reasons we sometimes don’t feel good about ourselves or confident enough to be our true selves. But what if you could create happiness and success just by being you? Wouldn’t you want to be at ease with the person you are, warts and all? Well, today, I’m going to let you in on a secret - it’s possible to be Happy Being You.If I make a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings, I feel bad and make it a point to apologize. Once I’ve done that, I also forgive myself, which is equally important. I let go and move on. It wasn’t always easy to do that but I have learned to be kind to myself as well as others. Unnecessary self-criticism doesn’t help me or anyone else. Last year, one of my clients went through a very challenging period in her life. She was upset with herself and had a hard time seeing any of her good qualities. To help her shift into a more positive mindset, I asked her what “Happy Being You” meant to her. At first, she couldn’t come up with an answer, but after a little while she started to talk. As we spoke, she began to remember what was good about herself and her life. Gradually, she saw new opportunities and light in places where it had previously been pitch dark. She realized she could turn her life around just by being herself, not someone or something other people wanted her to be. “Happy Being You” is now an important part of her life. She helps her colleagues, friends, and loved ones to follow her lead. I believe that you can only live a truly fulfilling life when you empower yourself to Be You (the real you). Because when you do, you will create positive energy around you and this will encourage others to be with you, work with you, and have fun with you. You will find it easy to be creative, express kindness, and radiate uplifting energy to others. Who doesn’t want to be around such a person?Yes, sometimes it is difficult to feel good about ourselves. Our worst enemy is often our own negative mind chatter. Ongoing unnecessary self-criticism and negativity wreaks havoc not only mentally, but physically as well. Being your true self is not an easy quick fix, it’s a lifelong commitment. It’s a challenging but wonderful continuing process. It’s a journey you choose because it’s right for you. So, there you have it; “Happy Being You” makes others happy too. ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE YOU.

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