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Happy Anniversary Baby! I Got You on My Mind.

By Megthamama
If you listen the the Rick and Bubba show, you are probably singing the title of this post in their voices in your head.

Last Tuesday marked 8 years with my man.

While traveling over the weekend, I told him that I was probably gonna blog about our love. He kindly asked me to say what everyone else says on Social Media on their anniversary.

"I'm more in love today than on our wedding day."

"It hasn't been pretty, but I wouldn't trade anything."

"I wouldn't trade a moment of marriage with you."

Happy Anniversary Baby! I got you on my Mind.

Here's the deal:
-I love my man.
-I love him more since he became a father.
-There have been moments of marriage that I would kindly like to trade. I mean, doesn't everyone?
- It hasn't been pretty at times, but at the end of the day, it just makes us better.
- I loved my man A LOT on our wedding day so I don't think I love him any more today than 8 years ago.

A lot has changed in 8 years.

We have moved 5 times.

We had 2 dogs...and now we have 1. Thank the Lard! 

We lost babies.....but gained Jaxon Riley.

We started off parenthood with no idea what we were doing...........and now, I think we may could write a book (on what not to do).

I'm thankful we picked each other. We balance each other out so well.

When I get worked up, H tells me to simmer.

When H gets worked up, I generally laugh.

Marriage is messy, but I highly recommend it.

After 8 years, I still don't know a lot of the answers to marriage. At every new intersection of life, I learn something new with H. I learn how to handle situations better and he makes me a better person and mother through it all. 

It's my prayer that Jaxon will use our marriage as an example for his own one day. I hope we can lead by example on how to 'pick your battles' with your spouse. I hope we emulate how Christ needs to be the center and it's worth to continually invest in your spouse. 

While there are moments in our marriage that I would gladly change, the one thing I wouldn't is choosing H. He makes me proud to call him my man and baby daddy. He works hard, but loves us harder. 

To show our love for each other, I bought H a new tie for work and I bought myself a pair of tennis shoes. People, that's 8 years of marriage right there. 

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